That’s a Wrap: March 2022

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That's a Wrap

What’s this? A monthly recap on the second day of the following month? This is nearly unheard of, honestly. But, here we are.

If you read my February recap a few days back, you’ll know March was a rough month for me. A lot of the month was spent trying to adjust to my new normals and, honestly, sometimes just saying screw it all and doing whatever I felt like doing. Or not doing, for that matter. I read a lot. I started refreshing my blog. And considering I like to keep busy when I am stressed or working through emotions, I did a lot of decluttering and cleaning. Of course, sometimes I said screw it all and just laid on the couch watching Netflix, too.

It was a really good reading month, mostly thanks to my A to Z “challenge”. I’ve already made it all the way through H and that was while still reading other books outside of the challenge. Will I keep up that same cadence in April? Only time will tell. I spent a lot of time with audiobooks in March. From commuting to working to even just doing chores or blogging, I’ve really embraced listening to my current read instead of putting Netflix on for background noise. I think I’ll try to keep going with that.

So, yeah. That’s about all that’s happening in my world. Nothing super exciting, but after the last few months it’s nice to have things be kinda quiet.

Now, let’s get into specifics on the month.

By the Numbers

  • Total number of books read — 14 (+2 DNF)
    • Contemporary romance: 9
    • Historical romance: 5
    • Erotic romance: 1
    • Middle grade: 1
  • Format —
    • Audiobooks: 10
    • eBooks: 1
    • Print books: 5
  • Library books: 2
  • Kindle Unlimited: 1
  • Audible Plus: 1
  • Review copies: 2
  • New-to-me authors: 6
  • Re-reads: 2

Top Reads

The Devil of Downtown Stuck With You When He Was Wicked The Viscount Who Loved Me Seatmate


Reading Challenges Update

The Goodreads Reading Challenge is first up! February wasn’t my strongest reading month, but I still managed to stay ahead of my goal. I also didn’t take a screenshot in early March for obvious reasons.

Goodreads Challenge March 2022

My goal for the 2022 Tackle My TBR Reading Challenge is four books each month. I read 9 in March.

Total: 25/48

The only other long-term challenge I’m doing this year is #12Reads12Friends (created by @bookwormgram). The gist of this one is that you solicit recommendations from friends and select twelve of them to read. Yes, that’s one per month. I never did make time to read my March pick. Oops. Here’s hoping I can make time for it in April.

Total: 2/12

While not an official challenge, per se, one of the things I’m doing this year is tracking how much money I’ve saved by using my library cards. I have a feeling my mind is going to be blown when I see the yearly total.

March savings: $172.47
2022 total: $399.97

March 2022 Library Savings


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Looking Ahead

Confession: a little over two years into this pandemic, when so many other people are pretending it isn’t still happening, I’m still anxious about making any type of plans or commitments. But, that said, I have agreed to do a couple of things in April. I’m trying to go home for Easter. I’ve been so torn about it, but I haven’t been home since Christmas and I think it would be good to see my folks. Am I anxious about it? Sure. We’ll just hope for the best. I’ve also signed up to do my first ever craft show at the end of the month. I should probably make time to get some more sewing done, huh? 😂

April releases I’m excited about

If you want to know more about what’s going on in my world, follow me on Instagram. Depending on what you’re looking for, I have three to offer you: a bookish one (@kimberlyfayereads), a non-bookish one (@kimberlyfaye_) and one for my Etsy shop (@createdbykimberlyfaye).

Stay safe and healthy!


Let’s Chat

How was your March?
What are some of your favorites you read?

What are you looking forward to this month?




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