That’s a Wrap: July 2020

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That's a Wrap

Can you believe it’s already August?! This year is so weird on so many levels. But regardless, it’s time for another That’s a Wrap post.

I’m actually pretty happy with my July reading. I read more books this month than any month so far this year β€” not that it would take much. My mind hasn’t been on reading this year, my focus is ruined and I have too many other things I enjoy doing just as much (i.e., sewing and playing Animal Crossing). I buckled down sometime mid-month and decided I was going to try to put a dent in my Goodreads Challenge and actually made some progress. Not enough, but it’s a new month and I’m ready to get my reading on. πŸ˜‰

On the non-bookish side of things, July wasn’t all that different from the last few months. Shocking, right? I’m still in Pennsylvania and still working remotely. We’re not venturing too far from home very often. I’ve been doing more walking just to try to keep myself from going nuts, but July was also super hot and humid so it could be tough to find the motivation to do it. Thankfully it was pretty comfortable in the mornings, so I could get some miles in before I got started with my day. StepBet has helped so much in that regard. I’m not going to lose $25-$40 because I don’t want to walk another couple of thousand steps before bed. Whatever it takes, right?

We did venture out a couple of times in July in very safe ways. Mom and I went on a covered bridge hunt in a nearby county early in the month. It was a lot of fun and we didn’t have to worry about being near other people. I went inside stores more in July than in all the other months combined, but I still kept it safe. Mask always. Limited time inside anywhere. And I stuck mostly to VERY small and not busy businesses β€” three thrift shops and a small locally-owned bakery β€” though I have also gone into the pharmacy and grocery store on a couple of occasions. But just for a few minutes at a time. I still get some anxiety when I do it and I’m not in a big rush to do the things others seem to be β€” dining in, going to a bar, mall, etc.

Oh, and I’ve watched Hamilton and listened to the soundtrack more times than I should admit. I’m late to the party, but I’m no less obsessed than my friends who discovered it earlier.

Other than that? Not a whole lot to say. Just more of the same!

But now let’s talk about the books…

By the Numbers

  • Total number of books read β€” 14
    • Young adult: 0
    • New adult: 1
    • Adult: 9 (+1 DNF)
    • Historical romance: 2
    • Erotica/Erotic Romance: 0
    • Women’s fiction: 0
    • UF/PNR: 1
    • Historical fiction: 0
    • Non-fiction: 1
  • Format β€”
    • Audiobooks: 6
    • eBooks: 7
    • Print books: 1
  • Subscriptions/Memberships β€”
    • Kindle Unlimited: 1
    • Hoopla: 2
  • ARCs: 3
  • New-to-me authors: 8
  • Re-reads: 0
  • On the blog β€”
    • Reviews posted: 0
    • Discussion posts: 4

Top Reads

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Reading Challenges Update

First up, the Goodreads Reading Challenge! Believe it or not, I actually made a little progress in July. I think I was 9 books behind when the month started, but if I buckle down I can do it. Here’s hoping! 🀞🏻

Goodreads Challenge Update

My goal for the 2020 Tackle My TBR Reading Challenge is four books each month. I kinda blew my goal out of the water in July with 11 books.

Total: 42/48
Reviewed: 7/29

Teach Me Love Hard Only When It's Us Heartbreaker Once Upon a Winter's Eve Capitol SouthΒ Mangos and Mistletoe The Duke's TwinΒ Blades of Glory Hold OnΒ Stamped

It’s my third year doing an audiobook-focused challenge and I decided to up my goal this year! Eeep! My goal for the 2020 Audiobook Challenge is FOUR books each month. I read SIX in July! I don’t even care that four of them were novellas. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Total: 33/48

Love Hard Boyfriend Material Once Upon a Winter's Eve Capitol South The Duke's Twin Blades of Glory


Looking Ahead

Again, I ask, what are plans? Do you remember going places and looking forward to things? I kinda do. But just barely. So with all that, I continue to float along. I’m in no big rush to get back to Virginia. I’m rather enjoying quiet life in the country. It’s not like I’d be doing a whole heck of a lot once I got back to Virginia anyhow. Same story, different place. And a place without any private outdoor space, which is a whole lot less appealing when you can’t really get out and go anywhere.

August releases I’m excited about

You Had Me at Hola Want You to Want Me Always Only You Kiss My Cupcake The Reality of Everything

Want to stay up-to-date with upcoming romance releases? I can help with that. Check out my release calendar.

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Stay safe and healthy. Wear a mask!


Let’s Chat

How did your July go?
What are some of your favorites you read?

What are you looking forward to this month?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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