Review Policy & Requests

I am not currently accepting titles for review consideration.
(If we’ve worked together before, however, please contact me via email at [email protected]. I might be able to make an exception.)

My main interest lies in adult, new adult and young adult contemporary romances, but I also read the occasional paranormal, science fiction and fantasy book. I read and review both current/upcoming and backlist titles. I accept books for review in ebook and paperback/hard cover formats. Reviews, once completed, are posted to Goodreads, Amazon and BookBub, in addition to my blog. Each review is promoted on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Acceptance of a title for review consideration doesn’t guarantee a positive review. I do occasionally choose to not finish books if I feel I have given them a fair chance and can’t connect with the story or character. In that situation, I don’t rate the book or write a full review on my blog, Amazon or BookBub. I will write a few sentences on Goodreads about why I chose to not finish the book. I won’t be cruel, but I will be honest, in all of my reviews.

Thank you for your interest!

All of my reviews are based on the following five-star scale:

Loved everything about it.

Loved most everything about it.

Liked it, but something was missing.

It was ok.

Definitely not for me.