Review Policy & Requests

I am not currently accepting titles for review consideration.
(If we’ve worked together before, however, please contact me via email at I might be able to make an exception.)

My main interest lies in adult, new adult and young adult contemporary romances, but I also read the occasional paranormal, science fiction and fantasy book. I read and review both current/upcoming and backlist titles. I accept books for review in ebook and paperback/hard cover formats. Reviews, once completed, are posted to Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble (where applicable), in addition to my blog. Each review is promoted on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Acceptance of a title for review doesn’t guarantee a positive review. I do occasionally choose to not finish books if I feel I have given them a fair chance and can’t connect with the story or character. In that situation, I don’t rate the book or write a full review on my blog, Amazon or B&N. I will write a few sentences on Goodreads about why I chose to not finish the book. I won’t be cruel, but I will be honest, in all of my reviews.

Thank you for your interest!


All of my reviews are based on the following five-star scale:

Loved everything about it.

Loved most everything about it.

Liked it, but something was missing.

It was ok.

Definitely not for me.


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One response to “Review Policy & Requests

  1. I’m a new writer getting established. I would love it if you could review my new contemporary romance, Trail of Obsession. Megan Cartwright, a successful real estate agent, survives a brutal attack and struggles to pick up the shattered pieces of her life. Megan soon discovers that she’s been given not only a second chance at life, but a second chance at love. The handsome and charming Good Samaritan, Stephen Braun, convinces the slow to trust heroine to take a risk on love again. With a killer fixated on Megan as a target, as well as someone from Stephen’s past with a debt to settle, Megan finds herself on borrowed time once again.

    This contemporary romance is 315 pages and has believable, empathetic characters and complex emotions.