Seasonal Bookmarks Available Now

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Seasonal Bookmarks Available Now

Autumn leaves and pumpkins and witchy prints, oh my! I love fall and everything that comes with it so I was ridiculously excited to make seasonal bookmarks for my Etsy shop. I had to cut myself off from buying ALL THE FABRICS when I went to Joann to shop. I might have cut myself off from going overboard, but I still got a great selection of prints.

Here’s a very small taste of the seasonal prints I have in stock at the moment:

Witchy Feet Bookmark Halloween Plaid Bookmark Mini Jack o' Lantern Bookmark

I also have plenty of non-seasonal prints in stock. From bookish prints to flowers and sports to plaids, I have a variety. Check them out!

📢 Announcement! 📢

I also want to take this opportunity to let y’all know I created a mailing list for folks who are interested in receiving Etsy shop updates. The great Facebook and Instagram outage of 2021 made me realize my main source of marketing is social media and if Facebook and Instagram went away tomorrow, I’d be reliant solely on Etsy’s algorithm for my shop. I decided I needed to figure out another way to reach my customers or potential customers. With that, the mailing list was born!

If you want to be among the first to know about new product launches, restocks, and special offers for my Etsy shop, sign up here. I promise I won’t spam you or sell your information. FYI, new subscribers just might get a special offer when they sign up… 😉

Just for fun, here’s a quick video I made of me putting a bookmark together:


Coming soon to my ##EtsyShop: fall-themed bookmarks! 🍂

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What kind of prints would you like to see me add to my shop?


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