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I know people always say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but hey, I’m guilty. I frequently judge books by their covers. Covers aren’t the only driving factor in whether or not I’ll pick up a book, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit they play a big part. For better or worse. There have been a lot of covers I’ve loved from books I read this year, but these are my favorites.

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Spoiler Alert

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I’m living for covers with fat characters. This one is perfection.

Hands Down

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The hands, the football, the chin scruff. It’s just how I pictured Zsc. *swoon*


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Olivia Dade’s covers are spectacular. This screams Tess and Lucas to me.

Queen Move

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I’ve loved so many of Kennedy Ryan’s covers, but this one is especially gorgeous. I think it’s the combination of Kimba’s power with the rose gold glittery words that just slays me.

Dreaming of You

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I frequently drool over historical romance covers and Lisa’s are some of my favorites. This red dress gives me heart eyes.

Crazy Stupid Bromance

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The scruff, the cat, the romance cover, the latte… is there a more “Kim cover” on any book ever?

The Last Train to Key West

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Chanel’s covers are always gorgeous. This one is no exception. I love them because they give you a hint of the character, but still allow you to form your own vision of them.

The Rogue of Fifth Avenue

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I’m a sucker for a pretty blue cover and this dress gives me all the heart eyes. And that clinch? Love. The hands make me swoon.

Love Lettering

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From the font to the color to the sketches, I adore everything about this cover. I have mixed feelings about illustrated people covers, but I love this style.

Wild at Heart

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K.A. Tucker has had some gorgeous covers in the past, but the ones for this series remain some of my favorites. I’m such a sucker for the Alaskan setting. Beautiful!

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Which book covers gave you a major case of cover love this year?

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  1. The Bromance Club books are ones I can’t decide about. As a 48 year old woman who has been single her whole life, wasn’t the first book about a married couple? That is always something I have trouble with if I haven’t been there for their whole relationships. Again with the Olivia Dade, now I know I HAVE to get one of her books soon! Your reasons are my reasons for wanting them so much! Here is my cover love post: Lisa Loves Literature.