Top 10 of 2020: Captivating Characters

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I don’t know about you, but characters are always a big reason why I love — or don’t love — a book. They drive the story and my feels. For better or worse. I met a whole bunch of wonderful characters this year, but these are the ones who live rent-free in my head. Or a few of them anyhow.

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Kincaid Breslin

The One for You

Amazon | Goodreads

I’ve loved this series since the very beginning, but Kincaid’s story was the one I’ve been waiting for. She was such a great heroine.

Zac Travis

Hands Down

Amazon | Goodreads

I mean, duh. I’ve been waiting on Big Texas’ story since we first met him in The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. It shouldn’t be a surprise AT ALL that he continues to live rent-free in my head all these months later.

Tess Dunn


Amazon | Goodreads

Tess Dunn is my everything. A heroine close to my age and body type? One who accepts herself and doesn’t try to change to find love? More like this, please.

Kimba Allen

Queen Move

Amazon | Goodreads

Kimba was such a kick-ass heroine. I loved her in the All the King’s Men duet and was thrilled when she got her own book. Perfection.

Derek Craven

Dreaming of You

Amazon | Goodreads

LK’s swooniest hero yet? I think maybe so. He’s everything I need a romance novel hero to be.

Daisy Jones (and everyone else, honestly)

Daisy Jones and the Six

Amazon | Goodreads

This is a case where the characters weren’t likable or relatable, but have still taken up space in my head. If you’ve read it, you know what I mean. I think it was enhanced by the full-cast audio.

Helen Berner, Mirta Perez & Elizabeth Preston

The Last Train to Key West

Amazon | Goodreads

Chanel Cleeton gives us three captivating characters for the price of one in The Last Train to Key West. Her heroines are just *chefs kiss*.

Frankie Zeferino

Always Only You

Amazon | Goodreads

There were so many things to love about Frankie. She was a powerhouse. I also appreciated she was the “grump” in the “sunshine and the grump” trope. She’s also an own voices heroine on the spectrum and I appreciated being able to learn from her while inhaling her story.

Josh Conners

The Roommate

Amazon | Goodreads

Josh, Josh, Josh. Oh, how I love thee. He was charismatic, hot as hell, but also vulnerable. That made him basically the perfect hero.

Jake Ramsey

Paradise Cove

Amazon | Goodreads

Oh, Jake! I just wanted to hug him and tell him it would all be ok. Much of this book dealt with him dealing with his grief over the loss of his son and the subsequent end of his marriage. He could’ve been bitter and hateful, but he was a kind heart.

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