#StandWithSmall: Etsy Picks for Book Lovers

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Etsy Picks for Book Lovers

I love supporting small businesses. Especially bookish small businesses. There are so many talented and creative folks out there putting their hearts and souls into their creations every day. In times like these, it’s important to #StandWithSmall businesses and I’m grateful for a platform like Etsy for making it so easy to do.

I hope you’ll find some good recommendations here, whether you’re looking for bookish goodies for yourself or the book lover in your life. I’ve personally purchased items from a majority of the sellers below and I highly recommend them for their quality and service. There are a few that are new-to-me, but they come highly-recommended from bookish friends who I trust to tell the truth.

(Note: affiliate links ahead. Items purchased using these links will provide a small commission.)

Looking for a way to protect your precious books?

WVU Novel Nuzzler Brown and Rose Gold

Aside from books themselves, book sleeves are probably the bookish item I spend the most money on. I have a ridiculous amount of sleeves that I’ve purchased from several shops.

  • Novel Nuzzler — full disclosure: I’ve repped for Suzanne twice now, but that’s not why her sleeves always top my recommendations list. I love the quality, fabrics, shipping time, and customer service offered by her shop. She just got done with a big sale a couple of weeks ago, but I’d imagine she’ll be adding more fabrics soon. One of my favorites, naturally, is the WVU fabric. Looking for something specific? Message her. She does custom orders!
  • Ardent Admirations — Jess is taking a break from her shop right now, but she’s worth a favorite regardless. I adore her, her sleeves and her super cute mug rugs.
  • CreatedbyRae — I’ve only purchased one sleeve (Brown with Rose Gold Swirls) from this shop, but I’m more or less obsessed with it. She has several cute prints in her shop right now. Like this one with kittens in red sweaters and this watermelon guts one.
  • RockPaperWords — I’ve never bought a sleeve from this shop, but I did receive one as a gift and I loved it. It’s not currently in her shop, but I have my eye on this navy and gold sleeve and this white one with gold roses. And this fabulous Pride & Prejudice bookmark.
  • Good Vibes, Good Books — I follow Kelsy on Instagram and she’s just wonderful. I haven’t had a chance to shop with her store yet, but I’ve heard wonderful things. In fact, I have Follow Your Arrow and Snuggle Grey Plaid in my cart as I type this.


Need a candle to brighten your mood — and your home?

Novelly Yours Romance Trope

I’m a bit of a candle hoarder. Ok, not a “bit”. I’m a full-on candle hoarder. I’m a total sucker for a good fandom or bookish candle and I’ve purchased from A LOT of shops. Believe me when I say they are NOT all created equal.

  • Novelly Yours — Easily one of the best of the best candle shops. Brittany is a great small business owner. I love the variety of candles she offers. Everything from the fandom specific Broomstick Bar to generally bookish like Book Boyfriend. She makes both YA and romance-themed candles. The quality is A+ and the customer service is as well.
  • Bubble & Geek — Another best of the best candle shop! Winter in the Wizarding Village smells SO GOOD. I only burn it in very short increments because I’m determined to make it last. I’m also a big fan of her Appalachia candle. It reminds me of my roots. I’m also a big fan of her lip balms, but more on that below. 😉
  • Cherry Pit Crafts — I’ve only owned two of their candles — Bibliophile and Wizard Brew — and both are AMAZING. Bibliophile is the best coffee-scented candle I’ve ever smelled. And Wizards Brew? Well, if you like Butterbeer look no further.


Want to show off your personality with a pin or two… whenever we get to leave home again?

Bibliohoe Book Lover

Or, you know, maybe just hang on a pin banner like mine are right now?


Need a way to mark your spot until it’s time to read again?

Lyndsey Draws folded between the pages

Confession: I don’t really buy or use bookmarks. I love looking at them and I always covet other readers’ collections, but I rarely use the ones I have. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a monster who dog-ears pages while she’s reading. I’m more of the “use this random post-it, letter, whatever is lying around to mark my spot” kind of person.


Desperately want/need some “me time”?

buttery brew aphrodite

While not exactly bookish, I am all about self-care, especially right now. Is there anything better than relaxing in the bath with a book? (And maybe a glass of wine?) Bath bombs and salts are my kryptonite. I also love a good lip balm. Typically I turn to mainstream big businesses for my goodies, but a friend recommended two of these shops and I’ll be checking them out ASAP. The third is a fave for candles *and* lip balm. I need to check out her other offerings though.


Photo credits: (1) yours truly (2) yours truly (3) yours truly (4) Bubble & Geek (5) Dust and Pages (6) Fable & Black (7) Lyndsey Draws Co. (8) Dreamy & Co. (9) The Soap Librarian (10) Whipped Up Wonderful

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