2020 Reading Goals

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2020 Reading Goals

I posted earlier this month about my challenge-related reading goals for 2020, but never did get around to outlining my other reading goals. There’s no time like the present, so here we go.

Read the books on my shelves

… or admit I’m never going to and find new homes for them.

I spent the latter part of December and the first part of January thinking about what I want my reading (and my blog and social media) to look like in 2020. One of the things I kept going back to was “I want to read the books I already own.” So, my biggest goal is to do exactly that.

I have, quite literally, hundreds of unread books in my apartment. I’m a sucker for a used bookstore or library sale and I end up going overboard anytime I step foot into either one. There’s no way in hell I will ever get around to reading all of them, but I can go through them with a critical eye, prioritize and cull. Then I can pass the ones I’ve lost interest in along to someone who will read them.

There’s still the matter of the unread ebooks and audiobooks, but those don’t take up physical space so they’re less concerning. Though it’d be great to read them, too, since I paid for them… or one-clicked when they were free. (It happens too often.)

It’s going to be tough because there are so many amazing releases coming in 2020, but I really need to focus on the books already on my shelves (or Kindle). Now that’s not to say I won’t read new releases. Let’s be real. But, I’m going to request/accept fewer ARCs. (Or at least try to. Book FOMO is REAL.)

Read overdue review copies

Especially those in my NetGalley account. My approval is consistently around the recommended 80%, but I know I can do better. Also? I have books from YEARS ago — I’m talking as far back as 2015 — that I never read or gave feedback on. Am I ever going to read those books? Probably not. If that’s the case, I need to admit it and own up to it by sending that feedback to the publishers.

A fun tip from a fellow blogger/bookstagrammer: if you’re a reviewer with overdue ARCs AND you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, check to see if those books are in KU. If you read in KU, the author gets paid for the book. I love that and need to remember to do that more often while I’m tackling these overdue ARCs.

Take advantage of my library card more often

Libraries are amazing. In fact, I just saw an article this morning that said more Americans went to the library in 2019 than did the movie theater and it warmed my heart. (Nothing against movies and the people who love them!)

I don’t use my libraries very often for physical copies of books because, well, I have a lot of access to reading material. However, I do use them for ebooks and audiobooks. Mostly audiobooks. Two of the libraries I have cards for use Hoopla and I’m basically obsessed. I love the selection of romance and that there isn’t a wait time. (Instant gratification, y’all.) Rather than running to buy new audios all the time, I need to remember to try the library first.

Utilize my subscriptions more frequently

I guess I should really say “subscription” singular because the only one I currently have is Kindle Unlimited. Up until recently, I also subscribed to Audible Escape (formerly known as Audible Romance Package). I loved it, but wasn’t using it enough to warrant paying for it. And honestly, with Hoopla and the selection it offers, I’m not sure I’ll go back. But, that’s a topic for another time.

I’ve had Kindle Unlimited for about three years now and I’m embarrassed to admit how infrequently I borrow books. The selection for romance readers is fantastic, particularly if you enjoy reading indie authors. Using it more will hopefully help me stop feeling the pressure to sign up for so many review opportunities. Plus, as I mentioned above, if I read through KU the author actually gets paid for it. So win-win!

Let’s Chat

Have you set any reading goals for 2020?
What are they?
How are they going so far?


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  1. I haven’t set year goals because I do better with monthly and short term check boxes. But I too, want to clear my kindle of Netgalley and EW titles and boost my numbers there!

    For blogging, I am just trying to DO IT more and be consistent. I miss it so much!