2020 Reading Challenges

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This new year totally snuck up on me! Since it’s the first day and all, I guess I should finally get around to talking about the 2020 Reading Challenges I’m committing to, huh? Better late than never, right?

2020 Reading Challenges

Keep on scrolling to learn more about each of the challenges and my goals.

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Since I use Goodreads to track all things related to my reading, it’d be silly not to do their Reading Challenge. Plus as things go, it’s a pretty low-key challenge. I kept my goal fairly easy (for me) but I might raise it at some point during the year.


175 books.

Tackle My TBR Reading Challenge

2020 Tackle My TBR Reading Challenge

I’m hosting this one again for 2020! Click the banner above to learn more — and join me!


My goal for this challenge is to read (at least) FOUR books from my TBR each month. But, I’m shooting for the Touchdown — 61+ TBR books — level in the challenge, which means I’ll read more than 4 each month. Go big or go home, right? ? I also hope to review (at least) half of them, so I’m shooting for the Extra Point review challenge.

2020 Audiobook Challenge

2020 Audiobook Challenge

The 2019 Audiobook Challenge is hosted by Hot Listens and Caffeinated Reviewer. Learn more about it by clicking the banner above.


Last year, my goal for this challenge was 3 audiobooks per month. I’ve decided to up that for this year. (Eeep!) I’m going to aim for FOUR audiobooks per month, which puts me solidly in the My Precious category for this reading challenge. I’d love to hit Marathoner (50+) status, but that may be overreaching.


Despite being totally enamored by the idea of Romanceopoly in 2019, I failed pretty spectacularly at the challenge. When they announced a return of the challenge for 2020, I knew I had to give it another shot. I have my Trello board all ready to go (feel free to save yourself a copy and use it). I’ve even picked my first four reads for the year. Now, I just need to read them…

I’m really excited about the challenges I’ve committed to in 2020. As far as tracking goes, I’ll be giving monthly updates on my progress in my That’s a Wrap post and adding them to challenge-specific shelves on Goodreads. I’ll likely talk about at least my Tackle My TBR and Romanceopoly progress on Instagram, so you can follow me there!

I was going to add my non-challenge-related reading goals for 2020 in this post, but I decided this one was long enough. (I also didn’t want to redo my banner image.) So, be on the lookout for a follow-up post about my other goals soon!

Let’s Chat

Did you sign up for any reading challenges for 2020?
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  1. I do the Goodreads challenge every year and am just about to set my goal. I didn’t know about the audio one, I might have to check it out. I’ve never done a year challenge besides GR’s so I signed up for your Tackle My TBR challenge. I’m hoping it will help me tackle some of my backlist. Happy New Year!