How I Survived My First Book Buying Ban

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How I Survived My First Book Buying Ban

Back in August, I spent a lot of money on books. Like, a lot. I was attending yet another book signing event and getting the chance to meet one of my favorite authors for the first time. I restrained myself fairly well as I was preparing for the signing. Instead of buying ALL of her books, I picked a handful of favorites and said I’d grab the others the next time I saw her. (Indie paperbacks are expensive, y’all.) It was all good, though. Then I got onsite and as I approached her table, she had one set of her special only-available-at-signings paperbacks available. You know what happened next.

When I got back to Virginia and my books arrived via UPS (yes, I bought so many I had to ship them as to not break my shoulder schlepping them around) I decided I needed to hit pause. I’d never been one to consider a book buying ban, but I did at that moment. Logging my shiny new paperbacks into Libib and realizing I had over 707 unread paperbacks in my apartment also encouraged me to give it a go. And let’s not even talk about ebooks, y’all. I have a book buying problem.

When September rolled around, I decided I wasn’t buying ANY print books. It didn’t matter how much I loved the book or how much I thought I needed it on my shelf. It didn’t matter how good the deal was either. (Thank goodness the big annual library book sale wasn’t until October!) I did give myself leeway to buy ebooks, but only if they were on sale. Hey, I couldn’t deny myself entirely. That would just set me up to fail spectacularly.

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy to stick to my book buying ban. It’s way too easy to one-click on Amazon and, darn it, there were some great releases in September. But you know what? I didn’t buy a single print book. Yay, me! I even (mostly) behaved when it came to ebooks. I picked up a couple of freebies and 99¢ sale books. I’d have been able to stop there if not for an Amazon offer to give me some amount of money off if I spent some other amount. (I literally have no idea what the deal was at this point.) Regardless, I’m counting my book buying ban as a success.

And I probably need to do another one again soon. Maybe in January… 🤔

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