Five Things Friday [132]

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Five Things Friday

TGIF, y’all! I’m so happy it’s Friday and that I get to share my mini weekly recap with you. Keep reading to see some of my new books and what was keeping me busy this week!

If you’ve been visiting my blog for a while now, you might know that Five Things Friday was born out of a desire to include more of ME on my blog. It’s gone through a couple of iterations now, but I’m pretty happy with where it’s landed.




No Whisk No Reward The Kingmaker




I read Parental Guidance over the summer and really enjoyed it. I couldn’t wait for books set in that world. When I saw the cover for Awk-Weird, I just about fell in love immediately. Fortunately, the book lived up to the cover for me. This one was funny, sweet and hot. If hockey romance is your jam, check this one out for sure.



Artful Agenda

Recently I finally admitted to myself that I am NOT a paper planner person. I tried, y’all. I bought two of the best on the market (Erin Condren and Happy Planner). My brain is just not wired for keeping up with that long-term. I mean, I bought the stickers and everything. If I flipped through my 2019 planner and counted the weeks I actually wrote anything down, I would be ashamed. So, I’m not going to do that. I put out a call on Twitter and Instagram yesterday asking my digital planning queens what they use and I got a lot of responses. A HUGE thank you to Lauren @ Bookmark Lit for introducing me to the front-runner, Artful Agenda. I know it’s only my second day using it, but this could be the one. I’ll keep you posted. 😉Interested? Use my referral code: RK31665.



Catherine Cowles stack

Catherine Cowles’ books have some of the prettiest (non-illustrated) covers I’ve seen in a long time. I knew this stack deserved a special location so I took them with me when I went to Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago. Unless it’s raining or snowing, I always stop at Coopers Rock on my way through. It’s legit one of my favorite spots on the planet. With views like this is it any wonder?



This week has been nutso. It started off with a fairly relaxing weekend but escalated quickly once the work week started. First, we wrapped up our office penny war. Y’all, we raised well over $1,200 for the American Cancer Society. I’m so happy and proud. Also, emotional. In all, our team for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer team raised over $12,000 for cancer research. Our friend and colleague who passed away from stage four breast cancer in August would be pleased. I can’t think of a better way to honor her memory. Again, emotional. Other things of note this week? I went to a Christina Lauren event at one of my favorite local bookshops. I also got my hair cut. It was a super busy week for sure.


Let’s Chat

How was your week?

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