Why I Made the Switch to Libro.fm

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Why I Made the Switch to Libro.fm

I first learned about Libro.fm while attending an author event at one of my favorite local indie bookstores. I love listening to audiobooks. While I do get a large number of mine from my library through Hoopla, I still had an active Audible subscription. I’d tried other audiobook retailers in the past, but none of them were as easy to use as Audible. I’m all about convenience.

I also suffer from bookworm guilt sometimes. I’m an unapologetic Amazon fan. If I had to guess I’d say roughly 75% of the books I purchase come from Amazon. The price is right and the convenience can’t be beaten. None of my local indie bookstores are all that convenient and, quite frankly, traffic in the DC area is a bitch. I’m not trying to go out of my way to buy a paperback when I can have it in two days (and for a better price) from Amazon. But again, guilt.

That’s where Libro.fm came in. I loved the idea of getting the audiobooks I want at a price that’s the same as Audible. I crossed my fingers and hoped I would like the app interface as much as I do Amazon’s. And you know what? I did. So I quickly canceled Audible (with the exception of Audible Escape because there’s no alternative with Libro.fm) and decided to keep my monthly membership with Libro.fb instead. Even one small change makes a difference, right?

If you’re unfamiliar with Libro.fm, you should check them out. Much like with Audible, you get one credit per month for $14.99. Where the two services differ is each purchase made through Libro.fm supports a local bookstore of your choosing. (Learn more.) Now my audiobook dollars stay in my local community which feels pretty darn good if I’m being honest. After all, without my local indies, I’d have to say goodbye to all those author events and book clubs and things I love. (Not that I need another reason, but bonus: these credits don’t expire. Huzzah!)

Oh another bonus? Avon Books has partnered with Libro.fm to bring you Kiss Club. What’s Kiss Club? A monthly book club that brings you a selection of romance audiobooks for just $3.99 each. There’s no cost to join the club! Just sign up here for updates and you’ll be among the first to know when new books are available.

Thinking about switching? If you use the code SWITCH at my referral link, you’ll get THREE audiobooks for free. (And I’ll get one if you decide to subscribe.) I’ve been totally impressed with the service since I subscribed a few months ago.

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