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Kindle Unlimited

A couple years back I made the decision to try out Kindle Unlimited during one of Amazon’s crazy good deals. I don’t remember when or why or what the deal was, but I jumped in and haven’t looked back since. Now let’s be honest, I don’t ever really want for books between ARCs, my ridiculous TBR and the library. But, I’m a book hoarder who likes her options. ??‍♀️

There are some FANTASTIC books in KU and I take full advantage of my subscription whenever I can. It can be tough to see the forest for the trees sometimes, so I thought I’d give you a short list of some of my KU faves and ones on my TBR.Text

Mariana Zapata

R.S. Grey

Rachel Higginson

Karina Halle

Kennedy Ryan

Meghan Quinn

Sara Ney

Teagan Hunter


Well, that really isn’t a short list at all is it? ? #sorrynotsorry

Awesome News!

Amazon has an offer right now for up to 40% off your Kindle Unlimited subscription. (It was just this kind of deal that led me to trying it out a couple years ago, btw.)

The regular price for Kindle Unlimited is $9.99 a month, which is still a deal if you read as much as I do. But for under $7 a month, depending on which option you choose? What a bargain. If you already subscribe like me, don’t worry. You can still claim this offer. Just email the gift subscription to yourself. When you claim it, it just adds on to your existing subscription. Now my Kindle Unlimited subscription is paid until July 2020 and I’m ready to read!

Disclaimer: I have no idea how long this deal will last. It was valid at the time I posted this, but for who knows how long. ??‍♀️ You never can tell with Amazon!

Let’s Chat

Do you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited?
What are some of your favorite books you’ve found through KU?

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