Five Things Friday [104]

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Five Things Friday

TGIF, y’all! I’m so happy it’s Friday and that I get to share my mini weekly recap with you. Keep reading to see some of my new books and what was keeping me busy this week!

If you’ve been visiting my blog for awhile now, you might know that Five Things Friday was born out of a desire to include more of ME on my blog. I was writing about a new topic each week, but honestly, that got kinda old. It was hard to come up with something new each week. You know what that means — it was time to mix things up a bit. So, my current iteration of FTF was born… with some inspiration from Brandie @ Running on Words & Wine.




The Consequence of Falling Motion Mixtape Passion on Park Avenue



I’ve not finished Mixtape yet because I’ve had very little reading time over the last week, but I did read 3 stories on the plane last night and they were so, so good. I’m really digging this one and looking forward to finishing up the rest sometime today.



What a week, y’all. I left last Thursday for New Orleans and got home late last night. Don’t get too excited, it was for work… but I did make some time for fun while I was there. My friend flew into town on Saturday and was there until Tuesday morning. We didn’t do New Orleans quite like some of my co-workers did (ha!) but we still had fun. Lots and lots of good food, ample amounts of wine and some sightseeing, too. Despite all the things — and particularly the “special guest” for our convention on Monday — it was a good week. One of the highlights was finally crossing “visit New Orleans cemetery” off my bucket list. So, so cool.



I took so many photos over the last week it was almost impossible to decide what to highlight here. I decided on these two because they’re both bookish and NOLAish. Plus they’re from two of my favorite places in NOLA — Café Du Monde and Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. Yes, I took my Kindle to a cemetery. I’m that person. I took a TON of other photos while in NOLA, but I’m not posting those to my bookish Instagram account. Want to see? Hit up my personal Instagram — @kimberlyfaye_. There are quite a few there and many more to come!



Four day weekend FTW! I need to do all the usual post-trip things like unpack and laundry and whatnot, but I’m also hoping to do quite a bit of relaxing. I placed a massive grocery delivery order earlier today in my efforts to detox from NOLA and get back on track with WW. My body is like “hello, give me more veggies and less fried food, thank you” so I’m going to oblige. In addition to all the adulting, I hope to also hope to watch some football and do a whole heck of a lot of reading. Total chill weekend.


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