That’s a Wrap: December 2018

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That's a Wrap

Oh look, it’s 2019 already! Did the last couple months fly or was it just me?

I dub December the month of the lazy reader and blogger. Or at least it was for me. Strange, too, as I was on vacation for about half the month. ??‍♀️ I’ve come to realize I don’t get nearly as much reading done in the last three months of the year as I do in the first nine. You’d think because I spend most of my time indoors during October through December, it’d be prime reading time, but you’d be wrong. I blame football. And that’s ok.

The last few days have been all about my Top 10 of 2018. If you missed any of my recap posts, click the image below and you can catch up. I always enjoy doing these posts, even if they take a lot of time and thought. ?

December was a fun month for a lot of reasons. As I mentioned, I had a nice long and relaxing vacation over Christmas. It was wonderful to spend time with my family and meet up with some friends in Pennsylvania. Aside from the usual holiday celebrations, I did some shopping, went to a WVU basketball game and watched a lot of football. I definitely can’t complain. It was a much-needed break from all things DC.

Now I’m back home and ready to get back into my usual routine. But first, I need to reclaim my apartment. I’m not sure I’m ready for the Christmas tree and decorations to go away, but I think I have to be. I suspect the de-Christmas-ing of the apartment will happen in the next couple days.

I’m also gearing up to dive head first into my 2019 reading challenges! I’m always down for the Goodreads Challenge, but I did lower my goal for this year. I’ll also be participating in an audiobook challenge and what looks to be an AMAZING Romanceopoly challenge. If you’ve not checked this one out yet, you need to. I’m excited about using it as an excuse to read something other than contemporary romance, which is what I tend to gravitate towards every single time. It will also pair nicely with my Tackle My TBR Challenge, so there’s that.

2019 Tackle My TBR Challenge

If you want to know more about what’s going on in my world, follow me on Instagram. I have a bookish one (@kimberlyfayereads) and a non-bookish one (@kimberlyfaye_). On the bookish one, you’ll find… lots of books. (And story templates dealing with books!) On the non-bookish one, you’ll find the other side of my life… my cats, travels, etc.

Now, here’s the breakdown of my month of reading/blogging.

  • Total number of books read: 8
    • Young adult: 0
    • New adult: 1
    • Adult: 7
    • Historical romance: 0
  • New-to-me authors: 4
  • Re-reads: 0
  • Audiobooks: 4
  • eBooks: 4
  • Print books: 0
  • Reviews posted: 5
  • Discussion posts: 0

Top Reads

Nothing Personal Swipe

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Reading Challenges Update

First up, the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I did it! Huzzah! I didn’t beat it by much, considering the lead I had early on in the year, but I’ll take it.

My goal for the Tackle My TBR is three books each month. I only read two in December, but I still doubled my goal for the year. So I’m not going to be too hard on myself. ?

Total: 72/36

Resisting Santa Miss Christmas

The 2018 Audiobook Challenge was a new one for me in 2018, but I signed up for it again in 2019. Yay! My goal for 2018 was to read two audiobooks a month. In December, I read four.

Total: 30/24

Their Second Chance Red Hot Winter Swipe Breath of Fire

I called it quits on the Ultimate Reading Challenge back in October. I don’t like giving up on a good challenge, but I got a late start to it and just couldn’t make myself keep up. It’s the thought that counts, right?


Looking Ahead

Unlike last year when I got back from Christmas vacation and had to hop on a plane for work a couple days later, I actually have a little over a week to get my life together this year. I’m very excited about this. Not that I’m not looking forward to being in New Orleans for a few days, but the convention is so busy and stressful. I’d like to get shit together back home before I head off again. Plus, you know, sleep in my own bed a few times. I have a massage scheduled for this week and a haircut for next week. Other than that? Nothing much going on.

Now, onto the books!

January Book(s) I Need in My Life Immediately!

Some of my most-anticipated book(s) of the month… or the one(s) I haven’t received an early copy of, anyhow. 🙂

Be the Girl

January releases I need to read immediately!

These upcoming releases are at the top of my TBR! Soon, my pretties, soon.

The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend's Sister Overnight Sensation 99 Percent Mine  Moonlight Scandals

Book(s) YOU need in YOUR life immediately!

As you have probably guessed, I didn’t get to any January releases during December. You know, being a bad reader/blogger and all. But, I did get a little over halfway into this book and am loving it.

The one You Fight For

That’s a wrap! I hope you have a great month ahead!


Let’s Chat

How’d your December go?
What are some of your favorites you read?

What are you looking forward to this month?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Kim Sig

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  1. Hooray for time off in December! I really enjoyed the Top 10 posts and am so glad I saw a blogger friend post on the first day. I had fun taking part as I could. I’m so excited for Be Your Girl. Tucker never disappoints so I’m feeling confident that we’re in for a good one. 🙂 The One You Fight For was another solid one from Loren. So glad I discovered her in 2018! I plan on starting JLA’s Moonlight Scandals next week and can’t wait to see how that trilogy wraps up.