The Little Free Library Book Fairy

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The Little Free Library Book Fairy

One of the constant struggles I’ve had as a blogger is wondering what to do with my extra print books. Whether finished copies or ARCs, I seem to always have an abundance of extra books sitting on my shelves. Sometimes they’re books I’ve lost interest in, other times they’re extra copies I grabbed (or received) or even giveaways I’ve won.

I used to do giveaways for books like this, but it got to be really expensive. Let’s face it, blogging can be an expensive hobby without the extra expense (and time) of shipping books. I’ve dropped books off at the library, but they get tossed out or sold, which would be fine except I have issues with anyone selling ARCs. I’ve also offered my extra copies to nearby friends, but most of them either have them already or don’t read the same type of books I do. Same with leaving books for coworkers. Apparently I’m the only romance reader in my office. Haha.

Bottom line — I needed something to do with my books or I was going to have to move into a bigger apartment. Even still, the books started piling up until my friend Krista (of Krista’s Dust Jacket) posted this photo on Instagram this summer.

BAM! Perfect! Now I just needed to see if there were any Little Free Library locations around me because I’d never seen one. Turns out, there were TONS of them within 10 miles of my apartment. I made a list of the ones I was most interested in visiting and started packing up the books. While I was at it, I went through my (then) ample book swag and stuffed a piece (or more) in every book I gave away. Never one to pass up the opportunity for blog publicity, I also included one of my blog business cards in each of the books. It’s a win-win-win!

I LOVED going on the hunt for these libraries. Not only did I get to see new areas of my community, but in some cases I even met the person responsible for creating the libraries. Of course, I always enjoy talking to other book lovers. The libraries were so cute!

So far, I’ve visited 20 different Little Free Libraries (I think. I lost count.) and donated more than 150 books. The initial shelf-clearing and subsequent donations were a summer project, but I’ve continued to drop off more books. (As recently as last week, actually!) I have my favorites, no doubt and I try to keep them stocked with fresh reads. One of the best things is visiting a library I’d previously dropped books at and not seeing them there anymore. Hooray for a new home for the books!

It’s fun being a “book fairy”.

Let's Chat

What do you do with ARCs or finished copies once you’ve read them?

Do you have any Little Free Library locations near you?
Have you ever donated books to one?
… Or brought books home from one?

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8 responses to “The Little Free Library Book Fairy

  1. This is such a great idea! I’ve got a ton of ARCs I had no idea what to do with. I’m definitely going to see how many Little Free Libraries are around me and pay some of them a visit!

  2. I have heard of these free little libraries but have never personally seen one here. Normally if I have books I want to clear out of my shelves, than I donate them to the library since they keep them and put them on the shelves if they are in good condition.

    • Kim

      Oh that’s cool! The libraries around here don’t do that. They use all donations for their annual sales, which isn’t terrible either. I just have an issue with them selling ARCs.

  3. This is the coolest idea!! I have never seen one of these libraries in person – I’m going to do a search and see where the closest one is. And maybe drop some books off to it!

    • Kim

      Thanks!! I’d only ever seen one myself – and it was mostly kids books – until I went searching for them. I wish I still lived in a house and not an apartment, because I’d build one of these in a heartbeat!