Top Ten Tuesday [107]

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Top Ten Tuesday

It’s time for one of my favorites — Top Ten Tuesday! I love seeing the topic prompts each week and, of course, I enjoy visiting other blogger’s posts to find out what’s on their lists. Here’s what’s on mine!

I’m back from my Top Ten Tuesday break with a fun one this week. When I saw this one was a throwback freebie, I couldn’t resist. I read and review so many books it’s sometimes easy to overlook books I truly loved when I read them. I feel like I don’t give nearly enough attention to the “oldies but goodies,” and this is the perfect chance. It’s been fun to take a look back at 2013 — the year I started my blog — and reminisce a bit about those books I fell in love with (and reviewed!) way back when.

FYI: It was REALLY tough to narrow this list down to ten. I’m not gonna lie.

Ten Books I Loved The Year I Started Blogging

Anna and the French Kiss Stephanie Perkins

GoodreadsAmazon | My Review

After all this time, Anna and the French Kiss remains one of my favorite YA contemporaries. In fact, I love all three of the books in this series, but if you forced me to pick a favorite, this would likely be the winner. It’s a close race though.

Ten Tiny Breaths K.A. Tucker

GoodreadsAmazon | My Review

I still remember all the feelings Ten Tiny Breaths gave me the first time I read it. My gods, this book. It destroyed me and then put me back together again. Completely gorgeous, as are the rest of the books in this series. I loved them all in their own way, but this one and One Tiny Lie are my favorites. (Even though I never reviewed that one. Oops.)

GoodreadsAmazon | My Review

While I’m talking about books that totally destroyed me, I give you Deeper. Both it and Harder were so deliciously angsty and delivered ALL the feels — good and bad. They were real and raw and left me more or less breathless at times.

The Opportunist Tarryn Fisher

GoodreadsAmazon | My Review

The Opportunist and the books that followed in the Love Me With Lies series were nothing short of amazing. I’d never read anything like them when I did. It was great to discover this series after all the books were published too, because I could binge. And oh did I ever.

A Little Too Far Lisa Desrochers

GoodreadsAmazon | My Review

A Little Too Far was wonderful. It was my first — or one of the first, anyhow — “forbidden” romance book. That’s still one of my favorite tropes, too. I loved the characters and the setting and the following books. So good.

Remember When T Torrest

GoodreadsAmazon | My Review

Remember When is one of my favorite books of all time. It’s also one of my favorite trilogies. I often think of the characters in this book. Trip and Layla were truly something magical and they will forever have a very special place in my heart. Sometimes you just connect 1000% to a book. That’s exactly what happened with this book. In fact, I’m long overdue for (yet another) reread…

Where the Stars Still Shine Trish Doller

GoodreadsAmazon | My Review

I’ve lost some of the smaller details about this book in the last four years, but I remember that it delivered all the feels. It was as gorgeous inside as it was outside. It wasn’t my first Trish Doller book, but it’s one of my favorites to this day.

Fearsome S.A. Wolfe

GoodreadsAmazon | My Review

I loved Fearsome. Hard. I actually loved each of the books in this series. It’s been ages since S.A. Wolfe released a book and I really need something from her again, soon. I miss her writing and characters.

GoodreadsAmazon | My Review

On the Island isn’t my usual type of read, but that didn’t stop me from loving it. Tracey’s writing is gorgeous and what she did with this book was nothing short of magical. I was prepared for a bit of an ick factor with this relationship, but I never got that. Instead I got a gorgeous story about survival and finding love where you least expect it.

Left Drowning Jessica Park

GoodreadsAmazon | My Review

Left Drowning wasn’t my first Jessica Park book, but it is the first I reviewed. I could’ve just as easily put Flat-Out Love on this list because man, did that book do things to my heart. But, so did this one. It was beautiful, heartbreaking and hopeful. It basically ripped my heart out of my chest but I was left with a smile in the end.

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