Monday Musts [69]

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Monday Musts

Oh, hey it’s the start of a new week and you know what that means — a new Monday Musts post! Are you ready to see what I’m calling a Must Read, Must Listen and Must See this week?


Must Read

If you’ve been paying attention to my blog at all over the last year, you’ve probably noticed I’ve become rather enamored with Meghan Quinn. Her latest release, Twisted Twosome, bumped her up another five spots or so on my all-time favorite author list. It was funny, sweet and sexy… with a few feels along the way. I hope it’s on your TBR. If not, it should be.

smaller spacerMust Listen

I heard this song for the first time this weekend while I was driving. I liked it so much I made a point to take a photo of the title on my radio so I didn’t forget to share it with y’all. Lindsay’s voice is great and this is super catchy. Hope you enjoy!

What’s not to like ’bout this new love thing?
Midnight kisses, slow dances in the rain
But you got my heart beating fast
Where this is going, baby, I can’t say
Every time you leave me, I just want you to stay
But I gotta know where you stand

smaller spacerMust See

This animated short is absolutely amazing. We’re talking feels for freaking days here, folks. Learn more about In a Heartbeat in a recent piece from The New York Times. I’m convinced if this doesn’t make you smile or tear up at least a little bit, you probably have no soul.


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