Monday Musts [65]

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Oh, hey it’s the start of a new week and you know what that means — a new Monday Musts post! Are you ready to see what I’m calling a Must Read, Must Listen and Must See this week?


Must Read

Monday Musts [65]When I Need You by Lorelei James
Series: Need You #4
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication date: July 25, 2017
Publisher: Berkley
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Heir to Lund Enterprises and ladies’ man Jensen “The Rocket” Lund has three conditions when it comes to dating:
1) No single mothers
2) No cheerleaders
3) No medical personnel
So it makes no sense that he’s wildly attracted to Rowan Michaels, who breaks all three.

Rowan Michaels didn’t pass the rigorous requirements to become an athletic trainer and Vikings cheerleader in the hopes of landing a pro athlete: been there, done that, and she has a young son as proof that football players and fidelity don’t go hand in hand. When Rowan learns her new neighbor is Jensen Lund, the smoking-hot tight end who takes being neighborly to a whole new level, she’s grateful for the team’s strict “no fraternization” policy because the sexy man defines temptation.

But Jensen is intent on rushing straight to the goal line to prove to Rowan he’s much more than just a player…on and off the field.

Y’all, I LOVED this book. Each book in the Need You series has been great, but this one was the best of the bunch IMHO. Jensen is AMAZING, Rowan was fantastic. I loved the two of them so much and, there were some serious bonus feels with Jensen and Rowan’s son. *all the heart eyes*  This one should be on your TBR.

smaller spacerMust Listen

I would love for someone to write a book based on this song. Not only that, it’s super catchy and I can’t help but sing along every time it comes on.

smaller spacerMust See

Buzzfeed knocked it out of the park with 27 Tweets That Will Make Women Piss Themselves Laughing. I howled. I literally hee-hawed. There were tears. It was amazing.


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