In Review: A Brit Unexpected (Castle Calder #2) by Brenda St. John Brown

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In Review: A Brit Unexpected (Castle Calder #2) by Brenda St. John BrownA Brit Unexpected by Brenda St. John Brown
Series: Castle Calder #2
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication date: April 10, 2017
Publisher: Self-Published
Format: eARC, 251 pages
How I got it: From the author
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How do you know when a fake relationship turns into a real one? #AskingForAFriend

Claire is not:
- A natural athlete
- Very good with mornings
- Greyson Vaughn’s real girlfriend

But she pretends to be his girlfriend on television. And Twitter. And the gossip websites that question Every. Single. Thing. about his movie star existence. Including the question on everyone’s lips — #WhosThatGirl?

Enlisted by her grandmother to act as Greyson’s “mysterious English girlfriend” during a weekend at Castle Calder, Claire agrees to help the Hollywood hottie combat rumors of stalking his pop-star ex. She needs a distraction — from grad school, bills and her dull-as-dishwater love life — and, well, it’s only for a weekend.

Until Greyson asks her to continue the ruse through his upcoming London premiere. And another trip to Castle Calder for a sexy weekend escape. Where there are no cameras and no reporters. Nothing but the two of them and a “fake” relationship that’s starting to feel very, very real.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review consideration.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

By now I’m sure y’all know that the fake relationship trope is one of my favorites. I love to read along as fake turns very real. My love of this trope, combined with how much I enjoy Brenda’s writing and the first book in her Calder Castle series, left me with major grabby hands for A Brit Unexpected. I would’ve read it in one sitting if it weren’t for the pesky job/sleep/adulting thing. It’s a total gem!

Claire and Greyson were wonderful. As someone who has had a thousand (roughly) celebrity crushes over the years, I found it easy to put myself in “regular girl” Claire’s shoes as she entered into a fake relationship with celebrity Greyson. Except, you know, she didn’t fawn all over him and fangirl all over the place like I probably would’ve. (Or go totally mute, which would be the other possibility if I’d been in her shoes. Because awkwardness.) Instead, she mostly focused on the person — good and bad alike — and went from there. I loved Claire’s inner monologue. I also loved all the Britishisms. Greyson shouldn’t be overlooked either. He was a great, complex character. Was he perfect? No. Neither of them were. Maybe that’s why they worked so well together, why a relationship between them seemed so real, even when it wasn’t.

A Brit Unexpected was a great read. I loved the characters — main and side alike. I’m a sucker for British humor, so needless to say I chuckled out loud several times while reading this one. It was also VERY sexy. The spark between Claire and Greyson was very real, right from the start. And perhaps most importantly to me, it was low on angst. I’m loving this Castle Calder series and I cannot wait for Scarlett’s story in the third book!

About Brenda St. John Brown

I'm a displaced New Yorker living in the UK. I lived in London for nearly six years, but now I'm living in The North, in a tiny English village. There are sheep everywhere! Sheep!! (This is so strange to me I always have to say it twice. With multiple exclamation points.)

My novels are about teens and twenty-somethings. When I'm not reading or writing, I'm hanging out with The Boy, talking about really random things and being overly strict about television.

I like running and Doritos, not necessarily in that order. I also like libraries, old churches and Paris. One day I'm going to write a novel set in Paris, which will necessitate lots of trips for "research."

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