Off to Apollycon

Posted March 22, 2017 by Kim in Discussion / 1 Comment

Hey! Happy Wednesday — or, APOLLYCON TRIP DAY, as I’ve been calling it for weeks now!

Expect it to be pretty quiet here on the blog for the next few days as I am heading off to Orlando for Apollycon today! I thought I might spend some time last weekend scheduling up some posts so it wouldn’t be total crickets here while I’m gone, but honestly, I just wasn’t feeling it when the time came. And I’m definitely not going to be worried about posting while I’m on this trip.

My friend Kaitlan is coming down from Philly today and we’re driving about halfway to Orlando — to Florence, SC specifically — before stopping for the night. Tomorrow we’ll head the rest of the way down and meet up with our friend Betsy. Then the real fun begins! Old and new friends! Signings! Harry Potter World! And who knows what else!

Let me know if you’re going to Apollycon! Say hi if you see me running around… or waiting in lines! 🙂 If you’re not going to be there and want to live vicariously, follow me on Instagram!

Are you going to Apollycon?
Who are you most excited to see?

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