In Review: On Broken Wings (Wild Aces #3) by Chanel Cleeton

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In Review: On Broken Wings (Wild Aces #3) by Chanel CleetonOn Broken Wings by Chanel Cleeton
Series: Wild Aces #3
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication date: January 3, 2017
Publisher: Berkley
Format: eARC, 336 pages
How I got it: From the publisher
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A year after losing her husband, Joker, the squadron commander of the Wild Aces, Dani Peterson gets an offer from his best friend, Alex “Easy” Rogers, to help fix up her house. Dani accepts, and their friendship grows—along with an undeniable attraction.

Racked by guilt for loving his best friend’s widow, Easy’s caught between what he wants and can’t have. Until one night everything changes, and the woman who’s always held his heart ends up in his arms. Yet as Easy leaves for his next deployment, he and Dani are torn between their feelings and their loyalty to Joker’s memory.

But when Dani discovers something that sends them both into a spin, the conflicted lovers must overcome the past to navigate a future together…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review consideration.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


In Review My Thoughts

How much did I love this book? Well, I’ve read it twice since I got my review copy and even still, as I was pulling out quotes to use in my review, I wanted to drop everything and read it again. I’ve been putting off my review of On Broken Wings forever because I’m just not sure how I can possibly express my love and appreciation for this book in any way that will do it justice.

THIS is the story I was waiting on since Joker died in Fly With Me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Jordan and Noah and Thor and Becca. Their stories made my heart happy. But I’ve been waiting to see what would happen between Easy and Dani since the beginning. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy read — no pun intended — and that my emotions would be all over the place, just like Dani’s would, but I NEEDED these two to find the happiness they each deserved. I desperately hoped that’s the story Chanel would give us and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was the furthest thing from disappointed that I could possibly be. Total satisfaction. That’s what this book gave me.

Having already fallen head over heels for Easy and Dani, they were so easy to root for. I knew there was a chance Dani wouldn’t be ready or that Easy’s pain and (unnecessary) guilt over Joker’s death would keep them from getting the second chance they both deserved, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. It took them a little while to get there, but that’s part of what I loved so much about these two. I can’t even begin to explain the number of feels I had as Dani and Easy struggled with their deepening friendship and developing feelings for each other, all while trying to remain respectful of Joker. I felt like my heart was being torn in two at times because, while I wanted Dani and Easy to work out, I recognized how painful it had to be to let go and move on. The emotions and feelings — both from the characters AND me — were so real and raw. More than a few tears were shed along the way — and I had to turn to wine, too.

There’s not one single thing I would change about On Broken Wings. It’s easily one of the most beautiful books I read in 2016 and definitely in my top three. (If I’m being honest, it’s probably my number one.) I was totally sucked into the characters, the story and the words. I think I highlighted roughly half the book as I was reading. I can’t think of a more perfect ending to the Wild Aces series. Not only did it do justice to the relationship between Easy and Dani, but it never dismissed for a second what Joker and Dani had before his death. Seriously, y’all… I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about a couple scenes in the book as I’m typing this, so I’m going to wrap this up. Fans of the series will find this totally satisfying. If you’ve not yet picked up the Wild Aces, you need to get on that. You have no idea what you’re missing.


The thing about being a widow was that you never knew when the tears would come. You could have a string of good days, and them something would set you off — the scent of your husband’s cologne on a stranger, the sound of a jet screaming overhead, your wedding song playing on the radio.

I closed my eyes for a beat, trying to drown her out, to throw the wall back up, attempting to push her out of the cracks and crevices of my heart where she’d snuck in and taken up permanent residence in my chest.

Some women slid under your skin so deep, you couldn’t carve them out no mater how hard you tried.

Grief didn’t allow for “happy,” instead it yanked the rub from under your feet and knocked you on your ass until you were drowning in quicksand with no one there to pull you out. 

This was everything. The dream. Coming home to the woman you loved after going to war. Maybe it didn’t look exactly as I’d imagined it, but it was enough.

I’m happiest with my feet planted firmly on the ground. But my heart — it flies.


About Chanel Cleeton

Originally from Florida, Chanel Cleeton grew up on stories of her family's exodus from Cuba following the events of the Cuban Revolution. Her passion for politics and history continued during her years spent studying in England where she earned a bachelor's degree in International Relations from Richmond, The American International University in London and a master's degree in Global Politics from the London School of Economics & Political Science. Chanel also received her Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina School of Law. She loves to travel and has lived in the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.


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5 responses to “In Review: On Broken Wings (Wild Aces #3) by Chanel Cleeton

  1. Wonderful review. As you already know, I completely agree with you and loved this story. Reading your review makes me want to reread the trilogy. There were so many feels going on while reading this book and the author really got the military lifestyle on point. Gah. Okay I really need to stop before I put down the book I’m trying to read and end up rereading Wild Aces. LoL Happy new year, Kim.

  2. I feel like you took the words right out of my mouth. This is easily one of my favorite series of all time, and Dani and Easy broke my heart so many times along their journey. I could read this book over and over.

    I’m glad you liked this one. 🙂

    • Kim

      This series… I just don’t even have words. It was amazing. I’m definitely going to have to reread the entire series this year.

  3. Yes yes YES. This review says it all. On Broken Wings really was perfect. I loved the whole series, and with each book I didn’t think I could love the next one more, but I did. I’m so incredibly impressed with how Chanel handled such sensitive subject matter, and made me fall even more in love with Dani and Easy and root for them from beginning to end.