Top 16 of 2016: New-to-Me Authors

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For the last few years, I’ve been doing one of these “best of” the year series of posts as a way to tip my hat to the best of the best of the past year … and begin looking forward to the new year, as well. I love looking back and picking out my favorites and thought it would be fun to open it up for others to join. So … I’ll be doing that from now until the end of December. Interested in joining? Check out the sign-up post.

One of the things I try to do each year is read “new-to-me” authors. Often these are authors I’ve heard of — and in some cases even purchased books by — but never got around to reading for one reason or another. In 2016, I read 30 such authors. (There may or may not be debut authors included in this list. It’s too difficult to keep track of all of them.) 😉 The 16 I’m highlighting today are my favorites… since I have to play favorites in these posts.

One thing’s for sure, I have a lot of backlists to continue conquering in 2017…

Megan Quinn


Meghan Quinn is tied for the title of my most-read new-to-me author of 2016. I fell in love with her writing as soon as I picked up Stroked. It all just went from there. I can’t wait to continue conquering her backlist in 2017!

Kelly Siskind


Kelly Siskind is the second of my most-read new-to-me authors this year. My Perfect Mistake was my first of her books, but I followed it up quickly with Chasing Crazy and then the rest of the Over the Top series. LOVE her books! I can’t wait to see what she gives us next!

Molly E. Lee


I discovered Molly’s books in the latter part of 2016, so I didn’t get a chance to read ALL of them. I can’t wait to finish up this series in early 2017.

Erin Watt


This one feels like cheating, since I’ve enjoyed Jen and Elle’s books separately for years now… but I don’t care. Technically, Erin Watt is a collaboration and a different author, right? This series was CRAZY book crack of the totally unputdownable variety. I can’t wait to see what they give us in 2017.

J. Daniels


I totally devoured the first three books in J. Daniels’ Alabama Summer series. Holy crap was it addictive. I still need to read the fourth to wrap everything up… plus I can tackle the rest of her backlist. Can’t wait!

K.A. Linde


Hoooooooly angsty as hell book crack. That’s what the first three books in K.A. Linde’s Record series was to me. I finished Liz and Brady’s story arc shortly after the fourth book was released, but I never got around to reading the fourth. I will be doing that in 2017. And then I’m sure I’ll be anxiously awaiting the fifth book.

L.H. Cosway


Does it count if the author is part of a writing duo? I’m saying yes. I have a whole bunch of L.H. Cosway’s backlist to tackle sometime, too. One of these days…

Santino Hassell


As with L.H. Cosway above, I’ve only read Santino’s books when he was writing with another author, but he’s still new-to-me this year. (And also, amazing.) I’ve already purchased several from his backlist. Now to make the time to read them!

(Editor’s note 3/13/18: due to the recent revelations about Santino Hassell, I have removed my reviews and links to his work.)

Julianna Keyes


I first discovered Julianna after everyone and their brother was talking about Undecided. Of course, I had to read it, too. (And I loved it.) I decided I needed to devour ALLLLLL of her books and bought them, just never got very far because of other commitments.

Roni Loren

I’m almost embarrassed to admit I’d never read a Roni Loren book before this year. It was so darn good. She has a huge backlist, so I’m not sure what I’ll read next but give me a rec if you have one!

Sarah Morgan

Full disclosure: I’m only about halfway into this book as of the time I wrote this post. I’m totally charmed and in love, so I’m including it. Someone described Sarah’s writing as “magical” and they were exactly right.

Jodi Ellen Malpas

I know. I know. I should’ve read Jodi Ellen Malpas ages ago. This one was brilliant. I need to investigate her backlist further. Again, if you have recs, pass them along to me!

Jen Doyle

I absolutely ADORED Jen’s Calling It. I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t have a chance to read her second book, Called Up, this year… but it’s on the priority list for 2017 for sure.

Sarah Fine

Reliquary was my first and only Sarah Fine book to date, but I loved her writing. As with several other authors on this list, I bought more of her books and intended to read more… but failed. I need to finish this series, though, for sure.

Jen Malone

Wanderlost is easily one of my favorite YA books of 2016, which automatically means Jen becomes a new favorite author. I adored this and can’t wait to see what she gives us next.

Robin Benway

*sigh* Robin Benway made me totally swoony happy with Emmy & Oliver. There are a few other titles on her backlist that I need to read, too.

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5 responses to “Top 16 of 2016: New-to-Me Authors

  1. The Protector was my first Jodi Ellen Malpas’ book as well! And this year I finally read Where I belong by J. Daniels (my first J. Daniels book). Great list!

  2. There are so many new ones you have that I haven’t tried! I loved Julianna Keyes. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Sarah Morgan book – I loved that one! Her holiday books are the best!!

  3. Julianne and Kelly were new to me authors too and I really liked their books (especially Julianne’s Undecided!). I loved Erin Watt’s Paper Princess and Broken Prince. Twisted Palace was okay for me. I totally love J. Daniels!!!!