Olympic Book Tag

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Olympic Book Tag

If you read my Gold Medal Summer Olympics Reads post yesterday, you know how obsessed I am with the Olympics right now. When I saw Shannon (@ It Starts at Midnight) post this book tag, I knew I had to do it. Come on now. This one is too fun! I hope you’ll join in. 🙂 Image credits for all the tag graphics goes to Shannon. These are great!


01 - Olympics


Ok, maybe saying I loved this one from the very first page is an overstatement. I was certainly totally sucked in and it’s probably the first book to rip my heart out in the first chapter.

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02 - Olympics

Open Road Summer

From the cover to the words inside, I love absolutely everything about this book. It’s still one of my favorite YA contemporaries after all this time.

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03 - Olympics

Ignite Me

I guess it’s probably only a “good” love triangle because my guy won, right? Haha.

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04- Olympics

Stepbrother Dearest

I “got” the book just fine… what I didn’t “get” was how in the world so many people loved it. But I guess that’s just part of reading right?

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05 - Olympics

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids was such a gorgeous book. I loved this one big time.

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06 - Olympics


This one was BRUTAL. And amazing.

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07 - Olympics

,Broken Prince

This. Series. Not only is it total book crack, but it keeps me guessing.

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08 - Olympics

Second Chance Summer

I’m a SUPER emotional reader, so a lot of books make me cry. This is the last one that made me straight up ugly cry.

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09 - Olympics

It Ends With Us

This one was slower paced, but it wasn’t a bad thing at all.

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10 - Olympics

Charlotte's Web

Even just thinking about this book gives me feels. I don’t think it will ever NOT be a favorite of mine.

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11 - Olympics

Invalid book: 0


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12 - Olympics

Edge of Glory

I really wanted to love this book — because, you know, Olympic fever and all that… but it kinda bored me. I had a tough time connecting with the characters.

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13 - Olympics

Fuel the Fire

If you’ve followed my blog AT ALL, you know I’m obsessed with this series. It’s one of my all-time favorites. The characters feel like they’re MY friends. Most importantly, however, they’re true friends to each other… through all the ups and downs. MAJOR friendship feels in all the books, but especially with this one.

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14 - Olympics

The Summer Games Out of Bounds

I love sports romance, so I could name A LOT of books here… I’m going with two recent favorites that were actually set during the Olympics. 🙂


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8 responses to “Olympic Book Tag

  1. I love this!! I have been loving the Olympics this time. And staying up way too late watching them. You list some great books here. I think I have to do this tag!

  2. *sniff, sniff* Charlotte’s Web… *sooooooobbbbbbb* That’s the first book that made me bawl!!!

    Yes, I’m completely Olympics obsessed, too 🙂 Awesome picks!! I love Emery Lord and I’ve never read Open Road Summer. How bad am I??? I must get on that!!!

  3. Aw YAY thank you for doing this, I am so glad you enjoyed iT! And if loving the triangle in Ignite Me for that reason is wrong… then I don’t want to be right 😉 I MUST read Second Chance Summer too, because frankly, I love a good cry in a book! Sorry that Edge of Glory was such a letdown though 🙁 I keep seeing Broken Prince all over the place, I need to check that out! Great choices, hope you’re loving the Games!!

  4. Any book that can rip my heart out in the first chapter is a win for me 😉 Though I haven’t read that particular book. And I agree, slow-paced is definitely not a bad thing when done right! I also want to try the Shatter Me series, so I’m glad to hear it has a good love triangle!

  5. Charlotte’s Web for your childhood favorite! How awesome. Although, I’ve only read it when I was much older than childhood. I don’t know any of your other books….!!! But will have a look. Great post!