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Confession: Some Books Terrify Me

No, I’m not talking about the horror genre here. I know better than to try to read those because they’ll leave me with nightmares for years. (Ok years might be stretching it, but still. You get my point.)

What I’m talking about are books that I know are going to cause an abundance of feels. Feels I’m not sure I’m equipped to deal with for whatever reason. This is a timely topic for me because I’ve been putting off reading a book by one of MY FAVORITE AUTHORS for months because I’m afraid it’s going to break me. And, let’s be honest, it’s Colleen Hoover. It’s going to break me. I also know it will put me back together when it’s all said and done… but I’m still worried about the breaking. Colleen’s books always do this to me. (I know, I know… she’s one of the most beloved authors for some and yet one of the most polarizing and hated to others. You know where I stand on it.) It Ends With Us sounds amazing. It’s gotten wonderful reviews from people whose opinions I trust and those who have similar tastes in books. They’ve all said the feels are manageable, but damn it, Confess almost totally broke me. If this is worse than that (and I have it on good authority that it is) I might never recover. (Ok, I’m being totally overly dramatic, but whatever.)

This isn’t the first book I’ve been terrified of reading. And it’s not always Colleen’s books either. The last one I was afraid of reading, because it dealt with the death of a parent – something I’m still not willing to think about more than I have to even at my age – was Morgan Matson’s Second Chance Summer. It broke my heart. I literally sobbed while reading it. But, I loved it. So it all turned out ok, even if I felt like I was drowning in feels while I was reading.

Not counting It Ends With Us, there are currently three books on my TBR that are destined to be there … for a long time … because I’m afraid of them.

Mud Vein Bright Side All the Bright Places

Have you read any of these? Am I right to be concerned about my mental well-being while reading them?

I’m a total emotional reader, so even the sweetest romance can make me tear up from time to time. (Or, you know, most of the time.) But, I don’t know why this is such a “thing” for me with certain books, but it is. I’m not afraid of feels when I read…  most of the time, anyhow. It’s the overwhelming feels I don’t know what to do with though. I’ve survived them before and I’m pretty sure I will continue to do so – as long as it’s not ALL sadness. I need some beauty and hope in a story, even if the book breaks my heart along the way. I also have to be in the right mood to tackle a book I know is going to shatter me into a thousand pieces. (See: The Fault in Our Stars. Book and movie. Or anything CoHo has ever written.)

Then, of course, there are all those series enders that I’m afraid to read, but those are less because of the feels and more because of “that one book that shall not be named that almost broke my reading for good”. That book made me realize that series have sad endings sometimes and the characters I love most might not always be safe. But, since we’re talking about feels here, I won’t talk any more about that. (Plus, I can go on forever on that particular topic, because rage.) Either way, I’m slowly conquering my fear of series ending books, so it’s not really all that relevant here. 😉

But, back to the books with potentially overwhelming feels… surely I’m not the only one who feels this way sometimes, right?

Confession Some Books Terrify Me


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Are there books that you’re afraid/apprehensive of because of the feels?
What are some of the books that you’ve felt this way about?
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5 responses to “Thinking Out Loud [19]

  1. Love this post. And I completely understand what you mean. I really have to be in the mood for a tearjerker. There have been a few that have broken me completely. The Sweet Gum Tree, The Nightingale, everything by Taylor Jenkins Reid, and I won’t lie – I bawled with It Ends with Us. But I’m telling you it’ll be worth it. It’s the most beautiful piece of writing and you’ll be glad you read it, I promise!!
    Mud Vein made me more angry than sad. I didn’t cry with that one, so I really think you’d be okay. I haven’t read The Bright Side but EVERYONE says it’s a cry fest. All the Bright Places is on my TBR and I didn’t realize it was a tearjerker! So, I guess I’ll be waiting for the right mood to hit for that one.
    I think it’s so great how books make us feel so much – it’s the sign of a really amazing book when it can break us like that. Enjoy It Ends with Us!! I swear it’ll be worth ALL the tissues and wine. 😉

  2. I read for enjoyment and to escape reality. The last thing I want to do is read a depressing book. There’s enough depressing things going on in life, I don’t need my fiction to be depressing, too. Which is why I don’t read books that deal with dying teens, tragedies, or anything else that is sad without a HEA. Now, sometimes I like when a story shocks you and doesn’t have a HEA but I don’t want a long drawn out depression-fest and then be left with a gaping hole on top of that. So, I totally understand you being terrified by certain books because I am as well.

  3. Ha love this!! It Ends With Us. It gave me feels like crazy but her damn author note had me bawling FYI. Mud Vein I don’t remember being a mess for. Bright Side I had sobs and snot all over. Same with All the Bright Places. I will say I am a cryer with books so I cry more easily I think than others. But yeah you need to be in the mood for those books!!

  4. I agree! Though sometimes I worry that I’ll pick up one of these “all the feels” books, and my inner sociopath with come out and I’ll feel nothing for it. That actually happened with Hopeless! It’s happened other times too; though lately it seems like I’ll either feel nothing at all, or wind up curled into a ball crying my eyes out.
    The Bright Side and Me Before You have stayed on my TBR indefinitely for that very reason.

  5. Love this post Kim and I am the same way! I often get scared to read the new releases by my favorite authors because I’m worried about being disappointed! I’ve put off the Salt to the Sea because I’ve heard how heart-wrenching it is! I do have to recommend Mud Vein to you — yes it will give you the feels but it is also fucking incredible! ♥