In Review: Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1) by J. Daniels

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In Review: Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1) by J. DanielsWhere I Belong by J. Daniels
Series: Alabama Summer #1
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication date: June 27, 2014
Publisher: Self-Published
Format: eBook, 227 pages
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When Mia Corelli returns to Alabama for a summer of fun with her childhood best friend, Tessa, there's only one thing keeping her on edge. One person that she’d do anything to avoid.

Benjamin Kelly. World’s biggest dickhead.

Mia hates him with a fury and has no desire to ever see him again. When she decides to start her summer off with a bang and finally give away her v-card, she unknowingly hands it over to the one guy that excelled at making her life miserable, learning a valuable lesson in the process.

Always get the name of the guy you’re going home with.

Ben can’t get the girl he spent one night with out of his head. When she leaves him the next morning, he thinks he’ll never see her again. Until he sees her lounging by the pool with his sister.

Mia is determined to hate Ben, even though she can’t forget him.

Ben is determined to prove he’s not the same guy he used to be.

What happens when the one person you wish never existed becomes the one person you can’t imagine being without?


In Review My Thoughts

I picked up the first three books in J. Daniels’ Alabama Summer series a few months ago when they were on sale, even though I’d never read any of her books before. They come highly recommended and have great reviews on Goodreads, PLUS I love discovering new-to-me authors, so how could I go wrong? I was waiting for the right time to give them a shot and I was craving a good ol’ southern boy, so I figured why not? I’m glad I did, too, because I really enjoyed this book. (And I can’t wait to continue on with the series! I sense a binge coming…) I’m a big fan of the best friend’s brother (or even brother’s best friend) trope, I love sexy southern boys and really enjoy a good love/hate story so Where I Belong pretty much had my name written all over it.

Mia hates her best friend’s (Tessa’s) brother. He made her life a living hell when they were younger. As excited as she is to go home and spend the summer with her bestie, she’s less than thrilled at the prospect of possibly seeing Ben again. And, honestly, I understood why. He was a bully and a jerk. In preparation for her wild summer with her friend, she decided it was time to finally lose her virginity and stops by a bar to pick up a guy and cash in her V card. She meets a guy and they totally click and, just like that – after a smokin’ hot hookup, she’s no longer a virgin. Imagine her surprise when she learns later that she just slept with Ben… the person she allegedly hates more than anyone. Oooooh. This is gonna be fun. (And it was.)

Where Mia wants to pull away completely from Ben and try to forget about their chemistry (and the hot sex), Ben wants to pull her closer. The little girl he tormented is long gone and the woman she became is someone he’s very much into. They just seemed to get each other. I really liked them together – from the sexy times to the banter afterwards and through when they started to move forward into more – they just worked for me.

The secondary characters in this book were rather interesting. Tessa … well, I’m not sure I have a total read on her yet. She was wild and had sex on the brain. (Even when it came to her brother and encouraging Mia to get with his nine inches… which was a little… odd.) She was in this “friends with benefits but we both want more but refuse to admit it” thing with Ben’s friend and partner, Luke. I liked Tessa and want more from her. I think I like Luke, despite his manwhoreish tendencies. (Good thing Tessa and Luke’s book is next… I’m ready for that story.) But the real star of the secondary cast was Ben’s son Nolan. He is, without a doubt, one of the most adorably charming kids I’ve read about in a book in recent memory. Oh, he gave me feels for days with his scenes with Ben and Mia.

Where I Belong was a good, solid read. Ben was super swoony and I enjoyed reading his words in my head in a southern drawl. Mia was strong and likable. Together, they were on fire. Together, when with Nolan, they were this wonderful little family that warmed my heart. This book had laughs and feels and was a super quick read. I can’t wait to continue on with the series. J. Daniels has a new fan right here!

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She met me in the middle and gave as well as she took. It was wild perfection. A beautiful chaos. 

“You really should come with a warning label. Please keep away from small children, the elderly, and anyone with a pacemaker.”

“I can fuck you and tell you how crazy I am about you. I’m very capable of making you scream and worshipping you at the same time.”


About J. Daniels

J. Daniels is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Sweet Addiction series, the Alabama Summer series, and the upcoming Dirty Deeds series.

She would rather bake than cook, she listens to music entirely too loud, and loves writing stories her children will never read. Her husband and children are her greatest loves, with cupcakes coming in at a close second.

J grew up in Baltimore and resides in Maryland with her family.


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