In Review: Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles #3.5) by Marissa Meyer

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In Review: Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles #3.5) by Marissa MeyerFairest by Marissa Meyer
Series: The Lunar Chronicles #3.5
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Publication date: January 27, 2015
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Format: eBook, 256 pages
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Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?

Fans of the Lunar Chronicles know Queen Levana as a ruler who uses her “glamour” to gain power. But long before she crossed paths with Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress, Levana lived a very different story – a story that has never been told . . . until now.

Marissa Meyer spins yet another unforgettable tale about love and war, deceit and death. This extraordinary book includes full-color art and an excerpt from Winter, the next book in the Lunar Chronicles series.



As you probably have figured out, I’ve been bingeing the hell out of The Lunar Chronicles the last couple weeks. Of all the books, this is probably the one I was looking forward to the least. I mean, I hate Levana. She’s a monster. Since all the books are published now, this wasn’t going to make the wait between Cress and Winter easier. If anything, it was keeping me from reading Winter, when all I wanted to do was jump right in. I came very close to NOT reading it, honestly. I’m glad I decided not to, however. It was a short book, a quick read, and one I liked so much more than I thought I would.

This isn’t one of those books that makes you LIKE the evil character. Not even close. But what it did do was give me insight into her character and what caused her to become who she was. I did feel sorry for her… quite a bit more than I thought I would, actually. I’m not going to get into spoilers, though I’m pretty sure I’m one of the last people on the planet to read this series, but I’ll just say she had a horrible life when she was younger and her sister was an awful person, too. Truthfully, it’s no wonder she turned into the person she did. Maybe if she was stronger and had someone she could rely on she could’ve overcome her childhood. But she didn’t, so she didn’t.

I really wasn’t expecting any feels but anger from this book, so I was completely surprised to find myself actually being torn apart a couple times by the things that happened. This is one of those books where, as I was reading the last few pages, I found myself with tears streaming down my face… most unexpectedly. Fairest really was an excellent addition to The Lunar Chronicles. It’s tough to imagine the series without it, if I’m honest.How can I love a book so much when I completely detest the main character?! The only explanation is that Marissa Meyer is one hell of a story teller. I can’t believe all the things she made me feel during this book. It was a brilliant piece.

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“Maybe the princess can save herself.”
“That sounds like a pretty good story too.”

She cried for the girl who had never belonged. A girl who tried so hard, harder than anyone else, and still never had anything to show for it.

Love is a conquest. Love is a war.


About Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer is a fangirl at heart, with a closet full of costumes, a Harry Potter wand on her desk, and a Tuxedo Mask doll hanging from her rear view mirror. Han and Leia are still her OTP. She may or may not be a cyborg.

Marissa writes books for teens, including the NYT bestselling series: The Lunar Chronicles.


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