A Bookish & Blogging Break

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If you’ve visited (or tried to visit) me over the last few days, you’ve either a) received an error saying my site was unavailable or b) didn’t see much new content. It was a really frustrating week for me. After spending the majority of last weekend on my site refresh, I was SO FREAKING EXCITED to share the new look in this week’s posts. Unfortunately this was going to be one of those times where nothing went as planned and rather than fight it, I embraced it and took a break.

It all started Tuesday when I began getting email notifications from Jetpack’s site monitor telling me my site had gone down. The outages were intermittent, mostly, lasting anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour. It was frustrating. I started to communicate with my site host’s help desk, both on Twitter and via email, and their responses just frustrated me more. They were both giving me different answers – widespread server outages vs. only my server being down. I didn’t have time to deal with it, so I waited for the site to come back  up. When I was still seeing issues on Wednesday, I went to them again. I was furious. Why wasn’t this fixed? Why couldn’t/wouldn’t they tell me to fix it? I was ready to cancel my service, get a refund and move to a new host. I was able to FINALLY get a couple posts up that day, but the site kept crashing so often it really didn’t matter. Their help desk finally gave me some suggestions that were useful, but I still wasn’t able to get my site running properly. Thursday I finally had an epiphany. All of the problems with my site began shortly after I activated the Jetpack site monitor and maybe, just maybe it was actually causing the database errors and problems. I turned it off and (to my knowledge) my site has run just fine ever since. I thought I was doing something good to monitor my site, but it seems that the plugin wasn’t closing the connection to my server properly and thus caused MySQL database errors. (Geek speak.)

Long story short, if you’re a WordPress self-hosted blogger and you’re thinking about using the Jetpack site monitor plugin… maybe don’t. It may be totally unrelated to the issues I was having with my site, but it also might’ve been the cause. Either way, I think I’ll steer clear of it in the future.

I think my frustration with my blog spilled over into everything else last week, if I’m being totally honest. I couldn’t focus on any of the books I tried to read. It was taking me DAYS to read what I would normally knock out in an hour or two. I had no focus or interest in them, and since the books were from my go-to authors, I know the problem wasn’t the books… it was me. So I stopped even trying to read. I didn’t keep up with my emails. I didn’t respond to comments on my blog (when it was working) or visit other people’s blogs because they reminded me of the funk I was currently in. I didn’t even really go on Twitter. (It’s so overwhelmingly dramatic sometimes that I can’t take it.) Facebook is full of politics and it makes me want to throw up. Sooooooo I avoided all of those things.

What did I do instead? I’d love to say I worked out and cleaned the hell out of my apartment, but I’d be lying. I actively watched more TV in the last week than I have in probably the last six months. I did WAY TOO MUCH online shopping. (Damn you and all your awesomeness, LuLaRoe.) As my LLR orders started coming in – as well as the other retailer orders I placed for tops and dresses to go with my new goodies – I spent a lot of time trying on new clothes and trying to plan outfits. It worked, too. I have some fun new pieces in my wardrobe and it’s been way too long since I could say that. I’m very much a pants, cami, cardigan and scarf/long necklace kind of lady, so I’m excited to do something a little different. At least a couple days a week. Let’s not get carried away. Oh! And with the new pieces and the limited closet/drawer space I have, I had to do some purging. Does anyone else have a REALLY tough time letting go of clothes, even if you haven’t worn it in FOREVER? I know I can’t be the only one. I get all “but what if I want it later???” My purge wasn’t as great as it probably should’ve been, but at least I got rid of a couple bags. 🙂

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, there you have it. I’m not proud, but I’m honest. Haha. Here’s hoping things get back to “normal” next week! The next time I take a blogging and reading break, I’d like it to be a conscious decision and not a result of technical issues that leave me frustrated and distracted.

I hope your week was better than mine! 😉


Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this, when you’re dealing with stuff and blogging/reading is the last thing on your mind? How’d you handle it?
Do you have a web host you really love? Because I’m still thinking about changing mine.



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7 responses to “A Bookish & Blogging Break

  1. Oh girl. I totally understand this. Sometimes you just need a break from everything. It’s amazing how one thing that has frustrated/upset you can bleed into all aspects of your life. This literally just happened to me. School has been beyond frustrating and yesterday broke the camel’s back. I came home, ate dinner, and binged Mercy Street. And then I finally finished my book before bed. But even today, I’m STILL thinking about school (as much as I said I wasn’t going to) and I’m sure it’ll affect my reading this weekend.

    YES! I am terrible at throwing clothes away! Even things I have NEVER worn, I’m all ‘What if I want to someday’? LOL. The only time I’m good at purging is if clothes are too big. I get rid of those with a quickness. It’s a weird motivation thing.

    I’ve been trying to stay away from FB and Twitter. I end up getting so mad and then come THIS close to deleting my accounts.

    Anyway- I hope this break helps you! <3

  2. Wow-I know EXACTLY how you feel!! I’m glad you took the break. And I am obsessed with LLR as well. Anytime I can wear leggings instead of pants I am a happy girl!! I hope your break helped you feel refreshed and ready to continue!

  3. See, I’m not nearly as technical or tech savvy as most other bloggers, and going self-hosted terrifies me. I could never handle what you’ve gone through this past week. Sometimes we really do need a break away to help us get ourselves together. I’m starting to think my reading slump (which I’ve been calling a life slump) isn’t because of my books, like you said. It’s me. I’ve been reading a book I could have finished in three days with my normal reading time, whereas it’s taken me two weeks (or more, I don’t even know) to finish. I have the same issue getting rid of clothes. I have kept all of my high school and college shirts because one day I do want to make a quilt (or two) out of them, but I rarely wear Tshirts anymore. I really need to go through and take out the things I don’t wear anymore….but I have the same problem. What if I might wear it with that XYZ outifit? I have such a different body shape that I struggle finding clothes that fit properly and comfortably in mainstream stores, so when I do it’s hard to get rid of them. I hope you enjoyed your week!

  4. I was wondering why you were so quiet!!

    I need to see if my jetpack monitor is on but i think it is. I had some server issues about a year ago when they moved me but ever since, no issues. If you want to move, I can hook you up with my guy lol he’s awesome.

    And ironic enough. I have a post going up tomorrow about being in a funk. Mine didn’t really start with blogger per se, but it def rolls into it. I am glad you took a break though, sometime they are much needed!

  5. I can only imagine how frustrating website issues can be. I am the same way if something is frustrating me so much I will end up binge watching TV to relax and do nothing else. I am on the same page with Facebook recently it is becoming overwhelming political! I hope this week goes better for you!