Monday Musts [2]

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It’s time again for the Monday Musts! I love this meme and am so excited Jessica of Lovin’ los libros came up with it! Let’s talk about my Must Read, a Must Listen and a Must See for the week, shall we?


Must Read

Monday Musts [2]Dare to Run by Jen McLaughlin
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Publication date: February 2, 2016
Publisher: Signet
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She knows what he’s like on Boston’s mean streets. Now she’s going to find out if he’s got some heart.

Lucas Donahue is not ashamed of his criminal past, but after a brief stint in prison, he’s ready to go legit and live a normal life. The problem is, no one leaves the gang without permission—even if he is one of the boss’s top men. Plus someone’s placed a hit on him. And then there’s that feisty little bartender who’s going to cause him even more trouble.

Heidi Greene knows to keep her distance from a ladies’ man like Lucas—even if she can’t keep her eyes off him. When he rescues her from an attack in the alley outside her bar, she’s forced to stay by his side for safety. But the longer she spends time with him, the greater her chances are for getting hurt in more ways than one.

I literally just finished this book before I started writing this post and it is so, so, so freaking good. I love a good antihero book and Jen definitely delivered with Dare to Run. It won’t be released until February 2, but it should absolutely be on your TBR if you’re a fan of sexy romance with some excellent suspense (and a few twists). I found myself on the edge of my seat more than once during this book. I loved Lucas and Heidi and their story was fantastic. (And did I mention smokin’ hot?)


Must Listen

As I said last week, I listen to a lot of country music. In fact, pretty much all I do listen to is country… and audiobooks. So you can expect to see (and hear) a lot of country highlighted here during my Monday Musts post. This week’s song isn’t exactly new, but it’s fairly new-to-me and it’s one that speaks to me on a level I *almost* don’t want to think about. Do you ever come across a song like this? One that you love, but damn near guts you every time you hear it? Well, that’s me with Jana Kramer’s I Got the Boy. But I love it so, so much.

Must See

There are a ton of different things I could share that relate to the EPIC snowstorm that battered most of the Eastern US this weekend… but this is the one that’s the most amusing. Have I mentioned I love pandas? Once it warms up, I definitely have to get to the National Zoo to see the new baby panda, Bei Bei.


Let's Chat

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3 responses to “Monday Musts [2]

  1. Oh man Dare to Run sounds SO GOOD. I am loving these rough and tough books so to speak. They have more grit and I really like that.

    Oh gosh I LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I first heard it on the radio- ALL. THE. FEELS.

    I love seeing Tian Tian in the snow! So precious!

  2. Hi Kim, you are the second person to put up the panda video on Monday Musts! It really is too cute! I don’t listen to a lot of country music, but I will check out this song. Have a great week.

  3. I haven’t read anything by Jen McLaughlin, but I’ve heard great things about her books, so I’ll have to check them out. I saw that video on Facebook yesterday and it cracked me up! It’s been a long time since I got that excited about snow lol.

    Thanks for stopping by my Monday Musts. Have a great week! 🙂