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I’m so excited to be participating in this event!  The boys in books are at least 50% of why I read, so I couldn’t resist signing up for this one. (A huge thank you to Jessica @ Lovin’ Los Libros and Teresa @ Readers Live a Thousand Lives for hosting!) When asked who my favorite book boyfriend was, there wasn’t even a contest. It’s been Ryke Meadows since I first met him in Krista & Becca Ritchie’s Addicted to You.

I couldn’t help but love Ryke. Despite his hard outside, tendency to use the word fuck as a noun, verb, adjective and adverb, he was a great guy. He might come off as an asshole at first, but he’s the furthest thing from it, despite how blunt he is. Once he loves you – regardless of whether you’re a friend, family or lover – he’ll go to the ends of the Earth to protect you. He’s determined, devoted and selfless. He messes up sometimes, but who doesn’t. His heart is in the right place, even if his motivations aren’t entirely clear. He’s amazing and sexy and all kinds of swoony. He loves adventure – free climbs, motorcycle rides and bungee jumps and all those types of things that give him an adrenaline rush. And, needless to say, any sexy times with Ryke were amazing.

Ryke doesn’t really move to the spotlight in this series until Hothouse Flower, which is my favorite book in the series. (And no, it’s not a coincidence.) But he was an important part of the story as soon as he arrived. He was a guiding force for Lo and Lily as they faced their addictions, through all the ups and downs. His relationship with Connor and Rose was different, but still important. His friendship and eventually more with Daisy – one she was of age – was so perfect and necessary that I can’t even put it into words.

I won’t call Ryke the glue that holds all these characters together, because honestly they were all that for each other, but he was a crucial character. I love each of them, but Ryke was always my favorite.

I thought long and hard about how to truly show Ryke’s true character and I decided I would let him speak in his own words. Below is a selection of some of my favorite quotes of his from the various books in the series. (And maybe a couple quotes ABOUT him.)

Of course, it goes without saying that some of these, or most of them, will be spoilery and you should take that into consideration before continuing. 🙂

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Addicted to You

“I spent years resenting the idea of you. My mother hated you, and I loved her, so what the fuck was I supposed to believe? And then I went to college, and I gained some distance from her. I started thinking things through, and I came to peace with you. I’d leave you alone. You’d be some sort of wealthy prick that Jonathan Hale would raise. And then I saw you.”

“I saw what would have become of me if I was raised by him. And I regretted everything . I blamed you when you were just a kid dealt a shitty hand of cards. I wanted to help you…for all the years that I sat by.”

“You’re kind of an asshole, but so am I. We really must be brothers.”

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“I like women. Big breasts, curvy waists, an ass I can grab.”

“How big of boobs?”


“You like to grab those too?”

“Only if I hear a woman moan when I do it.”

“Hate to break it to you, but sex is ten times better than skydiving.”

“No it’s not.”

“Then whoever fucked you didn’t do it right, sweetheart.”

“I’m sorry for being an asshole, for not understanding… I think that he needs you as much as you need him.”

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Addicted for Now

“Because I think she loves you more than she loves sex. And you love her more than you love alcohol, but you two just haven’t let yourselves believe it yet.”

“You’ve made me choose between you and Dad my whole fucking life. You can’t stop me from having a relationship with Lo. You can’t make that decision for me… You ruined someone’s life for a fucking feud, and you were willing to sacrifice me doing it.”

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Kiss the Sky

“I’m totally getting more ass than Ryke Meadows.”

“She’s not getting more ass than me.”

“Oh yeah? I have a boyfriend. What do you have?”

“A six-pack and a big f*cking c*ck.”

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Hothouse Flower

“She’s the sun. I’m the dark. If she’s gone, I can kiss that fucking light away. Without her, I know I’ll never see it again.”

“I kissed you tonight because I want your lips to only touch mine. From now until forever. That’s the fucking truth.”

“You’re a hothouse flower. You can’t grow under natural conditions. You need adventure. And security and love in order to stay alive.”

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“I saved his reputation, and he buried me six feet in the fucking ground every single day he chose you over me, every day he paraded you around and shoved me aside. I couldn’t breathe I was so fucking angry.”

“I just wish you could love me more than you hate him. Is that even fucking possible?”

“I love you, you know that.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“I don’t know, Lo. I want to. I want to so fucking badly, but it’s not as easy as wishing for that kind of peace. I hate him for the things he did to me, for the things he does to you.”

“I have been so fucking attracted to that girl. And I never planned on doing a fucking thing about it. I never was going to try. And I tried… I tried so fucking hard not thinking about her like that. It was wrong. I knew it was fucking wrong. I suppressed everything as much as I could.”

“I fell in fucking love with her. It hurt to be away from Daisy. It hurt to watch her with other guys. Everything fucking hurt, and I didn’t want to live with that pain anymore. I fucking couldn’t. I can’t tell you when it became unbearable, but it did.”

“I can’t leave her, and I won’t leave you, no matter how hard you fucking push me out.”

“How much did it hurt?”

“Did what hurt?”

“Watching her with other guys.”

“It felt like someone was drowning me in fucking salt water and lighting me on fire.”

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Addicted After All

“I love your daughter like the sun, and I could say and do a thousand things, and you’d never accept me.”

“Ryke would endure hell for eternity if it meant that I could go to heaven.”

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Fuel the Fire

“If someone asked me to name the first two attributes of Ryke Meadows, aggressive wouldn’t even be on the list. In the heart of his soul lies kindness, wrapped tightly in selflessness that shows in almost every action.”

“You know what my type is?” And he wears a drugged smile, his lips slowly lifting. “Daisy Calloway.”

“I just want her to feel happiness every fucking minute of her life, and each time I wake up, it’s further out of reach.”

“Look, I may speak harshly, we may disagree on more fucking things than we can every agree on, but after years of, I don’t know what to call it… I guess shit we’ve plowed through together… I’ve realized that you care about other people just as much as me. You can twist it how you want, but the truth is, half of what you’ve done has been to protect someone else. And you’re good with words, so what’s the definition of that, Connor?

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Long Way Down

“I’m afraid of watching the people I love get hurt. I’m afraid of hurting the people I love. Sometimes I feel like no matter what I do, I’m going to fall into one of the two.”

“I never thought I’d love someone this way. I never thought I could, but you’ve made me love my life more than I ever fucking have. I can’t even imagine spending the rest without you.”

“Never give up or back down on the things that fill your soul, Calloway. There is no worse life than a hollow one.”

“Senza di te, il cielo non ha sole.”
“Without you, the sky has no sun.”

“I knew that you were the only girl that I’d ever fall in love with – could ever fall in love with – in Cancun, Mexico, on the boardwalk of a bungee jump. I knew back then, Daisy Petunia Calloway, because you were the only girl I’d ever met that was as deeply caring and as fucking lonely as me. If anyone was going to fill my heart, it was you. Only you.”

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So, uh, that was a lot more quotes than I planned on, but I couldn’t stop once I started. Also, I really want to reread this series right this second, thanks to my journey back through the books to find these quotes.

And what’s a book boyfriend post without a little visual inspiration? Here are some of my favorites from the authors’ Ryke board, which you can see in all it’s glory right here.

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  1. heatherzilla

    I already own all the books in this series. I just had to say that I agree with your choice of Ryke Meadows as the ultimate book boyfriend. #TeamRaisy

  2. Kanoko

    Jake Becker from Emma Chase’s Sustained is absolute book boyfriend material. Such a sweetie under all that cockiness and suit. (But he calls himself a knight in tarnished armour because he’s dramatic like that.)