Booking Through Summer Author Spotlight: Characters Joanne Rock Would Like to Party With

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Happy Wednesday! It’s time for another author spotlight.

Today’s super awesome author is Joanne Rock! Not only does she write adult contemporary romance, but she’s also teamed up with her sister-in-law Karen to write young adult contemporary under the pen name J.K. Rock. I’ve not actually read any of her solo efforts yet (I KNOW. I suck.), but I’ve really enjoyed the Camp Boyfriend series she penned with Karen. It’s fun and relevant and a great contemporary read for anyone who enjoys young adult lit. If you’re an adult, it’s bound to make you wish you could go back to summer camp days… or even do it now. You’ll love them.

Joanne’s guest post is all about characters she’d like to party with. Enjoy! 🙂


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Characters I’d Like to Party With
by Joanne Rock of J.K. Rock

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I just started the “Mara Dyer” books recently, so when I saw this blog prompt for characters I’d like to party with, I immediately thought of Noah, the swoony hero of book one, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. Now, I’ve peeked at the backcover for book #2 in this series, and if Noah turns bad, I don’t want to know! No spoilers please. I’m completely in love for now. And he’s my number one character to party with since a) he has the resources of the uncommonly wealthy and b) he knows the best restaurants. But this all pales next to the best of all, c) when he tells Mara, “I could barely keep my hands off you last night, even after seeing what you’d been through this week. Even after knowing how wrecked you were when you told me. And I’m going to spend an eternity in hell for that dream I had about you on your birthday. But if I could call it up again, I’d spend it twice.”

Dreamy. Sigh.

Okay. But Noah’s not the only fictional character I’d love to spend a night on the town with. I’d also be delighted to party with the whole Weasley family in the Harry Potter books. I’d love to roll into their house with Hermione and Luna at my side (because who wouldn’t want some girl time with these awesome ladies?) and then I’d like to sit in the kitchen and enjoy the fun family dynamics of a big, crazy, loving clan like the Weasleys.

Next up, I’d hang out with Karou from Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. I thought Karou was such a great character. From her toughness to her sensitivity, to her talent and her ability to access the Special World of Elsewhere…. I found her echoing in my mind long after I read about her. I liked that she was raised by demons and loves them so much. The idea inherent in this is so evocative and speaks to a deep level of humanity in the character. Karou is on my list because she’s a heroine with the best heroic qualities while still being fun and relatable.

But if we’re really talking parties, I’d definitely attend a ball with the Dashwood sisters of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. I’d gladly spend a weekend with any of Austen’s heroines, who always possess their author’s sharp wit and smarts. But I’m romanced by history and a ballroom represents the merger of history, fashion, beauty and art, a magical place that I would enjoy for a few hours if only to marvel over dresses and waltz in the arms of a dashing noble or handsome captain.

But enough about me and my literary favorites. Who would you spend the weekend with to paint the town or enjoy a few laughs at home?

(A note from Kim: Joanne donated an AWESOME prize pack with a copy of Camp Payback, Breathe Annie Breathe and fun swag. It’s part of our HUGE giveaway. I hope you’re still entering!)


Thank you SO MUCH, Joanne! I wouldn’t mind partying with Noah myself. 🙂 If you want to learn more, you can visit her website or find her on GoodreadsFacebook and Twitter!

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Until next week… happy reading!


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