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Reviewing ALL the Books?

This topic is something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately, and while I originally sat down to write a review, I seem to have a mental block. So instead of doing that, I’m here to ask you – do you review ALL the books you read?

I started 2015 with a goal of reviewing each and every book I read. (Y’all, I read A LOT of freaking books and, let’s face it, it’s often not nearly as much fun to write a review as it is to read another book… which is exactly why I get behind.) It was partly that goal that led me to adding the Minute Review feature to my blog. Because, you know, I don’t always have a ton of thoughts about every book I read and why force it? But, as I sit here with (*looks at Goodreads*) ten books to review, I’m wondering if it’s necessary to review the books I read “for fun” (aka NOT from an author or publisher). Am I just overwhelmed and looking for an out? Maybe. I can admit that.

I know I’m under no obligation, per se, to review any book. Sure, when it has been given by the author or publisher for review, the expectation of a review is there, but that doesn’t always mean it’s going to happen. If I’ve read (and finished) an ARC, I always try to write at least a few sentences about it. It’s rare that I would finish a book and opt NOT to review it. (Rare, but it has happened.) But when it comes to the books I buy, am gifted or borrow – should I be forcing myself to write a review? Particularly when I tend to binge read older books that have been reviewed a thousand times? The thing that hasn’t changed, regardless of how I acquired the book or how old it is, is that someone put their heart and soul into the book. That alone makes me want to share my thoughts and, in a way, promote their book. It’s my nature. It’s my way of thanking the author for their hard work.

Bottom line is, I am probably still going to continue to put the pressure on myself to review (at some point) each and every book I read. I’m just curious how everyone else handles books they read “for fun.” Am I crazy to think it’s possible to write reviews for 400+ books in a year? Do you review “all the books” or just those you receive for review request? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Reviewing ALL the Books?


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  1. I don’t review everything because I honestly feel like I there are books I cannot review. While I liked them there’s just not something for me to say or it’s just kinda boring and I don’t feel like being super negative.

  2. Interesting topic! There are times when I feel obligated to review and for no apparent reason! I am starting (over the past year) to get out of this and at least just write a small thing about it on GR or something. Even with mini reviews, I feel like I am taking the time to draft the post and get my thoughts in order and I don’t want to sometimes LOL

    However, if there has been a book I have been wanting to read/review I review it. Simple fact – unless the book was super popular, *most* are not interested in backlist titles. I am but that’s me. lol

  3. Reviewing books has always been the hardest part of book blogging for me. So, I have never reviewed all of the books that I have read. But, I think that might start to change. I just created a mini-review feature on my blog, so I can say what I felt about a book without having to write 500+ words about it. Sometimes, I just do not have a lot to say about a book and I do not feel like I should force myself to write a lengthy review. It also helps that I do not read a ton of books. Mostly, it is only 5-10 per month, so I could easily review all of them if I tried. On the other hand, I am rather lazy and need to have intense feelings about a book to write a review.
    Great discussion!

  4. Blogging has overall slowed down my reading speed *because* I mostly review every book I read. And even besides that, with college, the number of books I’ve been reading is at an all-time-low for me. So for me, it’s not that hard to review pretty much every book I read. There have been a few exceptions — like when I read an adult book that I though was *eh* so I didn’t feel the need to review it for my mostly YA book blog, and for a book that was a sequel, and I hadn’t reviewed the first book on my blog, and I wasn’t really feeling a review anyway. Also, if I sit down to try to review a book that I didn’t much like and writing the review is excruciatingly painful, I won’t. But the only time this has happened for me was with an ARC, so I felt I had to. :/

    But a lot of the time, when I go to read an old book with bunches of reviews or a hyped book that I’m sure I’ll feel the same way about as everyone else, I go into the book thinking I won’t need to write a review. But after finishing, I’m just dying to share my thoughts anyway! I guess the inner book blogger in me just has to get all my thoughts out there, haha.

    But for you to write 400+ reviews?! I can’t imagine! If you really are reading a lot of ARCs, etc., I could definitely see not fully reviewing books you read for fun.