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BEA Countdown: Two Weeks to Go and I’m Totally Unprepared

There’s two weeks to go until I leave for my second ever Book Expo America and I am totally unprepared for this trip. I mean, I have a hotel room and I know (kinda) how I’m getting there. I’m registered (with a media pass! woo!) and I’ve RSVP’d to the publisher events I’ve been invited to (so freaking excited!). But beyond that? I’m a mess and I really don’t know why. I’m super excited for this trip, but I haven’t had enough down time to really plan things out… and it’s beginning to make me twitchy.

Here are some of the things I still need to figure out/do:

  • Who is watching my cats? Seriously, this is starting to really worry me. I don’t have a cat sitter and I don’t really have friends who live close enough to drop by and feed them/clean out their litter box.
  • Where am I going to park? I have to drive to New York because it’s too much stress to think about suitcase limits on Amtrak. Last year, I stayed in Weehawken and there was parking at the hotel. But, that meant I had to take a ferry into Manhattan every day and, while it worked, it was less than ideal. This year I’m staying in Manhattan but I absolutely refuse to drive into the city. I need to find a safe place in New Jersey where I can leave the car and take the train or something to get to my hotel. Suggestions?
  • Who is signing? What books can I absolutely NOT MISS? I joined a BEA attendee group on Goodreads and I keep seeing the notifications pop up. I know people are planning right now. I need to get with it. Honestly, I’m a little overwhelmed and that’s not to my advantage right now. I like to think I thrive under pressure, but sometimes when I’m feeling it too much, I just want to say screw it and avoid it altogether. Each time I see one of those notifications about galley drops or signing schedules pop up, I get a little more freaked out. I guess I just need to suck it up and dive in head first, huh? Gotta have a plan! (And a spreadsheet, or two.)
  • Which of my friends are attending and when can I find time to spend with them? One of the best things about BEA is being reunited with book friends (and making new ones, of course)! I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone again. I have at least one awesome roommate (Steph @ No BS Book Reviews, I’m looking at you!) and I’m excited to meet the other ladies in our suite for the first time, too! I know of several other friends who will be in attendance, but I also know there are more out there! Show yourselves! Who else am I going to get to see or meet while I’m there?

Now that I’ve confessed just how freaked out I am and how much is left to be done in the next few days, I feel a whole lot better. I think it’s time to go dive into that Goodreads group, open up Excel and get started. Wish me luck…

Will I see you at BEA? Are you more prepared than I am? 

BEA Countdown


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3 responses to “Thinking Out Loud [9]

  1. Aww I wish I was going so I could see you!! Seems like you are ready but NOT.. lol I can see why you are freaking out a little, tbh. If I were close, I would totally watch your cats!! 😀

    Hope you have a great time, lady!