Owning Multiple Copies of the Same Book

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Owning multiple copies of the same book

This is something that’s been on my mind for a long time, but after recently reading another post in which the blogger questioned why it was necessary and called the behavior wasteful, I just have to ask – am I the only one who does this?

I don’t consider having an ARC (physical or ebook) necessarily “owning” the book. It was simply an unfinished copy I was able to read in advance of the final version’s release. Once I’ve read it (and hopefully fallen in love with it) I want to “own” it. There’s not much point in buying another ebook, because I already have an unfinished copy with all my highlights and notes. I can refer to that down the road if I need or want to. I want a pretty finished copy in my hands. It’s likely to be something I will either reread in the future – or if I’m really lucky, a book I’ll want to have signed when I get the opportunity to meet the author. I started blogging because I love books and I want to support the amazing authors any way I can. Reviews are a given, so is additional pimping of titles I *really* loved. Buying a copy of a book they sent me to review is just one more way I can support the authors I love so much.

Oh, and those physical ARCs? Usually, I don’t keep them. (Unless they’re signed or a top favorite.) I pass them on to others so they can (hopefully) love them the way I did.

Another reason I might own a book in more than one format? Audiobooks. *sigh* I love them. They make my commute more enjoyable, working out more fun and menial tasks at work more manageable. They’re the perfect way for me to tackle extremely long books or, in most cases, favorites I want to reread so badly but can’t make time for in my reading schedule. And Whispersync? That just makes it all the better. If I enjoyed a book, it’s part of the Whispersync program and it’s less than $5? Chances are I’m buying a copy.

I’m also a sucker for special editions or cover changes. It’s becoming a problem. A one-bedroom apartment only has so much space, after all…

One of my favorite authors said the other day that she wished publishers would give readers the opportunity to buy book bundles – some combination of ebooks, audiobooks and physical copies. I couldn’t agree more. While I do most of my reading in ebook format, sometimes I want nothing more than to hold onto a print copy while I enjoy the story. I’ve already confessed my love for audiobooks (and Whispersync), so you know how I feel about those. Why aren’t bundles a “thing”? I’d fully support it.

Maybe I’m a book hoarder. Maybe it is wasteful. But, I don’t plan on changing anytime soon.


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  1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with owning multiple copies of favorite books! I have the paperback, hardback, and eBook versions of the Twilight series. I have purchased all of my favorite books in paperback after I’ve read them in eBook. For example, I own all of Colleen Hoovers books in both eBook and paperback. Yes, I mostly read eBook, but I LOVE having those pretty printed copies to show off on my bookshelves! It’s just a constant reminder of the books that have changed my life and I’m not sorry for spending the money on them. 😉