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Welcome to my stop on the audiobook tour for Jennifer Comeaux’s Crossing the Ice! I’ve had my eye on Jennifer’s first series, Edge, for quite awhile, but I’ve never taken the jump into them. So many books, so little time! But when the opportunity to review an audiobook copy of Crossing the Ice, the first book in her new series, came up, I didn’t hesitate. I’m glad I didn’t either. Now I just need to make time to go back and read the first series!


Audiobook Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Crossing the Ice by Jennifer ComeauxCrossing the Ice by Jennifer Comeaux
Series: Ice #1
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Publication date: December 3, 2014
Publisher: Self-Published
Format: Audiobook, Length: 9 hours and 5 minutes
Narrator: Emily Stokes
How I got it: From the author
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Buy it: Amazon
My rating:

Falling hard never felt so good.

Pair skaters Courtney and Mark have one shot left at their Olympic dream. They vow not to let anything get in their way, especially not Josh and Stephanie, the wealthy and talented brother and sister team.

The heart doesn’t always listen to reason, though…

The more time Courtney spends with sweet, shy Josh, the harder she falls for him. But they are on opposite sides of the competition, and their futures are headed in opposite directions. Will their friendship blossom into more or are their paths too different to cross?


In Review My Thoughts

I went into this book with no expectations, but hopes for a fun book with a romance I could ship. I got all that and more! This book was sweet and charming and proves that sometimes winning is about more than what happens on the ice.

Despite barely being able to remain upright while ice skating, I’ve always been more than a little obsessed with the sport. From watching it religiously during the season to watching my favorite ice skating movie – The Cutting Edge (Which I saw in the theater as a child. Yes, I’m dating myself.) – I love all things ice skating. I’d had my eye on Jennifer’s earlier series, Edge, for quite awhile, but just never got around to reading it. When the opportunity presented itself to review an audiobook copy of the first book in her new season, I jumped at the chance. I’m so glad I did, too, because I enjoyed every minute of it.

Courtney was easy to relate to and like. She was sweet and dedicated to her sport. She seemed a little younger than the early-20s I have to guess she is, but I didn’t find that to be an issue. A lot of times, when kids are in a competitive sport like ice skating, they’re pretty sheltered to the rest of the world, so it wasn’t all that unheard of for them to come off as younger than they are. I never particularly cared for Courtney’s partner, Mark. He was just a little too self-centered for my liking. He wasn’t a bad guy, but he couldn’t hold a candle to Josh. (NOT that there was a love triangle in this book. There wasn’t.) Josh was quiet, shy and charming. The exact opposite of his snobby sister Stephanie.

The romance in this book was super sweet. I loved the pace at which things developed between Courtney and Josh. There’s something adorable about a first love like this and I was completely addicted to it. Courtney and Josh had a ton of chemistry and a lot of similar interests, but they had to be cautious to hide their friendship, and then more, from the other people in their lives. There was a lot going on with the competition, the coaches and Josh’s family. What they had was just for them. In addition to a lot of smiles and laughs, I definitely got a little teary-eyed during this book.

The narrator, Emily Stokes, was perfect for Courtney’s character. Her sweet voice, and they way she was wrapped up in the story, made it even better for me. I actually looked forward to being stuck in (some) traffic so I could spend more time listening to her. Her pacing was great. I didn’t love all of the voices she used, but when she was voicing Courtney, I was hooked. There were some odd pauses in the audiobook, particularly at the end of chapters, but I didn’t find them all that bothersome. The first time it happened, I was taken by surprise. I thought my iPhone had frozen or something. But I soon learned it was just part of the book. Overall, I thought Crossing the Ice was an enjoyable audiobook.

I’m excited about how this story started out and I will definitely keep reading to see what happens next, especially after finishing the bonus epilogue! I’m also planning to go back and read the Edge series. I might know how everything turned out for Em and Sergei, but I feel compelled to get the whole story now.

I received an audiobook copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.



About Jennifer Comeaux

Jennifer Comeaux is a tax accountant by day, writer by night. There aren’t any ice rinks near her home in south Louisiana, but she’s a diehard figure skating fan and loves to write stories of romance set in the world of competitive skating. One of her favorite pastimes is travelling to competitions, where she can experience all the glitz and drama that inspire her writing. Jennifer loves to hear from readers! Visit for contact information and to learn more about her books.



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