Top 14 of 2014: Favorite Couples

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It’s finally time for the Top 14 of 2014! I’m excited to look back over my year in books and share my favorites with you. 🙂 Today’s topic is favorite couples and, admittedly, I had a much more difficult time with this category than I thought I would. I love love, so the coupling in a book is important to me, and there are so many great romances in the books I’ve read this year. But, here are my top 14.

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Daisy and Ryke
Krista & Becca Ritchie’s Hothouse Flower

If I had to pick my ultimate *everything* book guy, it would be Ryke Meadows. He’s hot and sexy and a little dirty. He has a foul mouth and a bad attitude. But he’s also loyal and protective and would do anything for the ones he loves. I’ve been shipping him and Daisy since the beginning of the Addicted series – back when Daisy was underage and something between them would’ve been so very wrong. But, also so very right. The way these two play off each other is incredible. Their chemistry and the sexual tension has been ridiculous from the very start. When they *finally* got together in Hothouse Flower, I swear the angels sang. And then blushed.

Mia and Ansel
Christina Lauren’s Sweet Filthy Boy

This book is probably my biggest surprise of the year and it’s probably no surprise that it contains one of my favorite couples of the year. I love-love-loved Mia and Ansel together. There was just something magical about them. I loved the chance they took on each other. It warmed my heart.

Sydney and Ridge
Colleen Hoover’s Maybe Someday

It was impossible not to love these two together. Their relationship was so real, raw and right. It hit me in all the feels. There’s not much more I can say about that.

Juliette and Warner
Tahereh Mafi’s Ignite Me

Confession: I’ve been Team Warner from the beginning. Adam was great, before he became a douchebag in this book, but the connection between Juliette and Warner was something special. They complemented each other well. She pushed him to become more human and he helped make her stronger. I loved them together.

Nadia and Ty
Ann Aguirre’s I Want It That Way

Oh, Nadia and Ty. How I love thee. I never thought a book about a single dad and a college student could possibly affect me the way this one did. There was attraction and passion and feels galore. My heart was so full after reading this book.

Kayla and Daren
Chelsea Fine’s Perfect Kind of Trouble

I’m a sucker for an antagonistic love story and Kayla and Daren’s was one of my favorites of the year. Their banter sucked me in and the passion between them leapt off the pages. They gave me all kinds of warm fuzzies.

Annie and Jason
Julie Cross’ Whatever Life Throws at You

Whatever Life Throws at You was a *fantastic* young adult book and Annie and Jason are what made it so special. Their relationship had complications, but I never doubted how they felt for each other and I’m glad they didn’t succumb to some of the same relationship pitfalls I’ve seen in other similar books.

Lily and Lo
Krista & Becca Ritchie’s Addicted After All

I know. I know. I picked another KBR couple earlier. And I just might add one more before my list is complete. It’s all in how they write their characters and how just so OTP they are. Two addicts find love together – and make each other stronger in the process. They’re the real thing. I’m so sad their story arc is over, but my god am I thrilled with how it all came together.

Layla and Roth
Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Stone Cold Touch

Oh yes, I’m firmly on Team Roth. He’s my favorite kind of bad boy and I just adore him with Layla. I will accept no other ending than one in which they end up together.

Vera and Mateo
Karina Halle’s Love, in English

Oh. My. God. Vera and Mateo. Their relationship was complicated and “wrong” but oh-so-very right. There’s no denying these two belong together. I could read about them forever.

Ari and Branson
Tessa Teevan’s Conflagration

I thought Branson was an asshole before I read this book. But my word did he win my heart. Ari is at least partially to credit with my change of heart where he was concerned. These two were perfect together. Their relationship might have started out as fake, but it was anything but.

Skylar and Josh
Heather Demetrios’ I’ll Meet You There

Skylar and Josh are one of those young couples you just can’t help but hope last forever. (And in my mind, they totally will.) There was something magical about them. They bonded over their jobs and the feeling of being “stuck” in their shitty hometown, but there was something so much more… MORE about them.

Rose and Connor
Krista & Becca Ritchie’s Kiss the Sky

Are you beginning to sense a theme here? I freaking love all the characters in the Addicted series. I can’t leave Rose and Connor out.  At the start of the book, you wonder why these two are even a couple. She’s a hard ass and he’s an arrogant jerk, but as you learn more about them and why they are like they are, you see what’s underneath. And it’s a whole lot of love and passion.

Graham and Rikker
Sarina Bowen’s The Understatement of the Year

I won’t say I’m saving the best for last because all of these couples are pretty damn spectacular, but Graham and Rikker are certainly unlike the others. The Understatement of the Year was the first M/M romance I’ve ever read and these guys will hold a special place in my heart always.

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  1. Mia and Ansel!!! I loved them so so so much. And I was *this* close to adding Sydney and Ridge and Nadia and Ty on my list too. Both of them are definitely on the honorable mention list.

    It was harder than I thought to narrow down my list!