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Thinking Out Loud is my version of a discussion post and/or a place to just get things out of my head and off my chest. I have no plans for it to be a weekly feature, but more of a space that’s here when I have something to say.


Confession: I am a bad blogger.

If you read my first-ever Thinking Out Loud post, you know my life has been in a bit of an upheaval as of late. If you’ve not read it, the Readers’ Digest version is that our landlord sold our house after my roommate and I had lived there for nearly 12 years. We had 45 days to find a new place – or TWO new places, specifically, because we decided it was time we each lived on our own – clean out, pack up and get moved. It was a stressful time and my reading habit and blogging really suffered. Now that I’m (mostly) settled in my new place, I hoped things would get back to normal, but it’s not been quite that easy.

Why, you might ask, do I say I’m a bad blogger these days? I’m having a difficult time focusing. I lack the motivation to write reviews. It’s not because I’m not finding the time to read or that I’m not enjoying the books I’m reading. I’ve found plenty of time to read. I’ve read some incredible books. But, when I sit down and think about writing a review, my mind blanks and I have a difficult time stringing together coherent thoughts. It’s really frustrating, too. So, now I’ve read a ton of books, written only a few reviews and, since I’ve not stopped reading, the reviews just get further and further backed up. What’s a girl to do?

I’m proud to say that all the way through the unplanned move, I didn’t miss one tour stop or promotional post or obligation of that type. Any strict deadlines I had, I met. But, I am still so freaking behind. My NetGalley rating is around 75%, but would even better than it is if I wrote the 6 or so reviews I’m behind. I can’t even talk about Edelweiss at this point. I’m so glad there’s not a request-to-review ratio on there. I would be embarrassed to look at mine. The good news is, the majority of the reviews I’ve yet to write are for books I’ve purchased, not accepted to request. I’m still annoyed with myself for not writing the reviews sooner after finishing the book, though.

So, what am I going to do about all this? Great question. I’m considering the idea of “mini-reviews” to get caught up, but I don’t want it to see like a cop-out. Do you think reviews need to be a certain length to be effective? Do reviews really impact your decision to read or buy a book that much anyhow? As it is, I don’t generally write long or overly-detailed reviews. I don’t talk about what happens as much as I talk about how it made me feel. I avoid spoilers like the plague, unless I have to give a little more plot information than I might like in order to explain why I felt as I did. When I’m reading other bloggers’ reviews, I like ’em (relatively) short and sweet. I’m not particularly interested in reading a rehashing of the plot. Most of the time the synopsis is going to give me just enough about the plot. I don’t like spoilers and I never want to ruin the reading experience for someone else. But, I digress.

I don’t think I’ll truly feel better until I get at least the majority of the outstanding reviews written. They might be shorter reviews than normal, but it depends on the book. Some require more detail than others. Maybe I should write a list of all the ones that need written and not allow myself to read new books until I get them finished… that might be just the motivation I need. But, I still want this whole reading and blogging thing to be fun, so maybe being hard on myself isn’t the right answer either. As you can see, I’m rather conflicted.

Is this normal? Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? What did you do? Do you review books you’ve purchased, as well as those you receive specifically for review? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Confession: I'm a Bad Blogger


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  1. I’ve had weeks where the only things on my blogs are memes or funny pictures. I hate that because I really did start it for reviews and some of the memes get so old sometimes. But, sometimes the books we read just do not lend themselves to a full review. I do a post at the end of the every month where I just give a couple thoughts on each book I read during the month that I didn’t review. It’s better than nothing!

    • Kim

      I’ve seen that feature from you and I’ve been giving thought to doing something similar. I hate not writing more than a couple sentences, but some books are just really difficult to review – regardless of how much I liked them.