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I saw this on Christy’s Book Addiction and, since I’m always looking for fun, non-promo, non-review posts to do, I couldn’t resist. She’s got a linky set up, so if you decide to complete the survey, make sure you link it up! Sharing and seeing how others answer is half the fun, right?

Oh, and for the record, I’m only really thinking about recent reads (the last couple years or so) for most of these… I’m not stretching my memory for all the books I’ve ever read. 🙂

Here goes nothing…

10 countdown

I don’t really do the whole wish list thing. For the most part, if I want a book, I buy it… at least in eBook format. Here are a few I’d just love to see on my *real* bookshelves though.

If I Stay Where She Went Awaken Middle Ground One & Only Hopeless Losing Hope200x300 Just One Day Just One Year Where the Stars Still Shine

9 countdown

This one is SO HARD. I love so many covers… here’s a small sampling.

Hothouse Flower Where the Stars Still Shine Attachments Isla and the Happily Ever After Someday Someday Maybe These Broken Stars200 Ignite Me Love in English The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

8 Countdown

Can I just say all of them or direct you to my TBR? No? Ok, here goes…

Addicted After All Ugly Love Falling Away All Broke Down In Her Wake cover (1) Isla and the Happily Ever After Promise Me This MakeItRight jpg2

7 countdown

Oh my god, this is hard to narrow to just seven! Sheesh. There are probably a good, I don’t know, 50ish authors or so on my auto-buy list. These ladies top it, though.

1. Colleen Hoover
2. Cora Carmack
3. Jennifer L. Armentrout/J. Lynn
4. Rainbow Rowell
5. Krista & Becca Ritchie
6. K.A. Tucker
7. Jasinda Wilder

6 countdown

Sigh. This is difficult. I hate that I even have to try to choose.

1. Cade from Cora Carmack’s Faking It
2. Ryke from Krista & Becca Ritchie’s Addicted series
3. Matt from Jessica Park’s Flat-Out Love
4. Ridge from Colleen Hoover’s Maybe Someday
5. Trip from T. Torrest’s Remember Trilogy
6. Lincoln from Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments

5 countdown

You know I’m a blogger right? So it’s virtually impossible to answer this question. But, here are the ones that make the leap most frequently from blog life to real life, in no particular order.

1. Anything by Cora Carmack. No explanation needed.
2. T. Torrest’s Remember Trilogy. I loved this freaking series. I want every person on the planet to read it. I mean, seriously, MY MOM read it and loved it.
3. Krista & Becca Ritchie’s Addicted and Calloway Sisters series. If you’re a new adult fan who likes books with an edge and NOT reading this series, you need to reevaluate your life. Seriously.
4. Anything by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I don’t care if she’s writing as JLA or J. Lynn, I love her books and talk about them constantly. There’s something for everyone.
5. The Fault in Our Stars. You know, with the caveat that you’ll need Kleenex, a strong beverage and complete isolation to get through it.

4 countdown

Ah the hype monster! It gets us all, doesn’t it? The first two books in this list are books I was *dying* to read, couldn’t wait to get my hands on and then pretty much HATED when I got around to reading them. The other two are from the “OMG EVERYBODY LOVES IT SO WILL I” files. Except, I didn’t.

1. Allegiant. &*$% that book.
2. Beautiful Oblivion. I know I’m in the minority here, but sorry, not sorry. It was boring and inconsistent. There was a lack of chemistry between the characters, way more drama than was necessary and a “secret” that was utterly predictable and unbelievable.
3. Say What You Will. I’m an emotional reader. I thought this book would destroy me, but I felt nothing. It was a little over-the-top for me.
4. The Elite. I loved The Selection. I loved the novella between the two. But I pretty much hated The Elite with the fire of a thousand burning suns. The One salvaged my love of the series though, thankfully.

3 countdown

Just three?! This is incredibly difficult for an emotional reader like me. Here are the ones that affected me the most strongly… and brought A LOT of tears. (Note: TFIOS was a no-brainer. I still had a difficult time deciding on which other two to list, so I went to my blog and searched “ugly cry” to get the other two.)

The Fault in Our Stars Torn Away Present Perfect

2 countdown

1. The Game of Thrones series. Love the TV show, have no desire to read something quite that long, complicated or with as many characters as it has. I don’t have that much discipline when I’m reading.
2. Lord of the Rings series. Same reason as above. I’m just not into complicated books.

1 countdown

New Adult contemporary romance! I’m a sucker for a romance with some steam!


I’d love to see your answers if you complete the countdown! Link it up in the comments. 🙂

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  1. This looks like so much fun. I have no idea when i will get around to doing it but maybe soon. Now I need to check out T. Torrest’s Remember Trilogy because you and I have pretty similar tastes in books. And NA contemp romance is my favorite at the moment too! 🙂