In Review: How to Seduce a Band Geek (How To #2) by Cassie Mae

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In Review: How to Seduce a Band Geek (How To #2) by Cassie MaeHow to Seduce a Band Geek by Cassie Mae
Series: How To #2
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Publication date: May 6, 2014
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Format: eARC, 198 pages
How I got it: From the publisher
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Sierra Livingston’s got it bad for her sister’s best friend, Levi Mason—the boy who carries his drumsticks in his pocket, marches with the school’s band, and taps his feet to whatever beat runs through his head. Sierra racks her brain for ways to impress the sexy drummer, but the short skirts and bursting cleavage don’t seem to cut it.

When Sierra gets paired with Levi’s sister, Brea, for a mentorship program, they strike a deal. In exchange for Sierra keeping her mouth shut about Brea ditching the program, Brea lets Sierra dig for more info on Levi to help get the guy of her dreams.

But when Sierra discovers Levi no longer plays the drums, his family has moved into a trailer, and he’s traded in his Range Rover for a baby blue moped, Sierra’s not sure if she can go through with violating his privacy. She’ll have to find the courage to ask him straight out—if he’s willing to let her in—and explore other ways to seduce the school’s band geek.

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I’m loving Cassie Mae’s How To series. The books are funny and fresh and super quick reads. How to Seduce a Band Geek is the second in this standalone series and it follows Sierra. If you read How to Date a Nerd, you’ll recognize Sierra as Zoe’s little sister. If not, you’ll still enjoy the book on its own, but should still probably read the first book for all its awesomeness.

In How to Seduce a Band Geek, Sierra has realized she’s head-over-heels for her sister’s best friend, Levi. Levi is ridiculously adorable and super swoony. He may be a band geek, but he’s popular and well-liked by most of his class. Sierra’s reputation took a bit of a hit after the accident in How to Date a Nerd and she hasn’t fully recovered. She doesn’t know how to get a guy’s attention outside of wearing revealing clothes and obviously flirting. Fortunately, her sister Zoe is well-versed in how to snag a good guy and she’s happy to share her knowledge.

I loved the characters in this book. Sierra and Levi were likable enough on their own, but they were even better together. Levi was dealing with some tough stuff but no one really knew. As he grew closer to Sierra he opens up to her and their connection reaches another level. I just wanted to hug both of these characters. Oh, and fans of Zoe and Zak will love catching up with this adorkable couple during this book.

This book has a whole lot of humor, some swoony moments and even some unexpected depth. It’s just shy of 200 pages, so it was a quick read that definitely kept my attention the entire time. Books like this one are why I love young adult contemporaries. I can’t wait for the next book in the How To series!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


About Cassie Mae

Cassie Mae (who dons the name Becca Ann on occasion) is the author of a few hundred… okay, maybe not that many… books. Some of which became popular for their quirky titles, characters, and stories. She likes writing about nerds, geeks, the awkward, the fluffy, the short, the shy, the loud, the fun.

Since publishing her bestselling debut, Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend, she has published and sold books to Random House, Swoon Romance, and Spencer Hill Press. She has a favorite of all her babies, but no, she won’t tell you what it is. (Mainly because it changes depending on the day.)

Along with writing, Cassie likes to binge watch Teen Wolf and The Big Bang Theory. She can quote Harry Potter lines quick as a whip. And she likes kissing her hubby, but only if his facial hair is trimmed. She also likes cheesecake to a very obsessive degree.


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