In Review: Where There’s Smoke by Elizabeth Lee

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In Review

Where There’s Smoke
Elizabeth Lee

Publication date: May 20, 2014
Kindle ARC, 230 pages
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Suspense

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There is something to be said for letting go. Ryland Roberts knows that better than anyone. He’d let go of his ambitions, of his family and—most of all—of her. He’d perfected the art of putting his past behind him and accepted the fact that the town he wanted to leave in his rearview was the place where he was going to live out his days. But sometimes the past doesn’t just go away. Sometimes it comes back to haunt you.

Piper Jameson convinced herself that she left for all the right reasons. She’d saved people by leaving—made sure that they weren’t tainted by her rebellious ways. When her little sister asks her to come home and say goodbye to their ailing mother, she’s forced to see that things aren’t always as they seem. The people who she’d left behind might not have been saved at all.

In the amount of time it takes a bullet to travel from point A to point B, Piper and Ryland will have to put their feelings for each other aside and make a choice. Forced on the run with Piper’s sister, they begin to understand that the future they thought was gone was never really lost.

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I don’t typically read a lot of romantic suspense novels, but I always enjoy them when I do. This leads me to believe I should probably add a few more into my reading rotation.

I love a good second chance romance story, particularly when the characters have an extensive history as Ryland and Piper do in this novel. I love when a relationship builds from a friendship and that’s exactly where these two started. They’ve been apart for a few years, since the night Ryland took the blame for an airport fire that occurred when the two of them were together. As a result, Ryland, the near-perfect boy next door who was destined for great things, is still living in his hometown, working at a bar. Piper was the “bad girl,” but she’s gone on to live her dreams as a pilot, having left left town the night of the fire and not looking back or even asking about Ry. Now Piper is back in town because her mom is dying of cancer and she’s come to say goodbye. Things are bound to get interesting. And boy, do they ever.

Piper’s relationship with her family is beyond strained and truly the catalyst for everything that has happened in her life so far, and for the bulk of the drama in this book. Her mom’s husband is a total creeper and Piper is determined not to leave her little sister Hadley in his care after the death of their mom. Life will be better for both girls once they can get out of town and away from him. He’s not willing to let Hadley go that easily and after a series of events unfolds after the funeral, Ryland, Piper and Hadley find themselves on the run. As if there’s not enough complications in their lives, old feelings resurrect themselves and the chemistry between Piper and Ryland reaches a boiling point. Can they possibly save themselves – and Hadley – and keep each other?

Where There’s Smoke had me on the edge of my seat multiple times. The combination of emotions, sexual tension and action kept me completely enthralled in this book. I couldn’t think of sitting it down until I’d finished. I thought this was a standalone novel, but I’m so, so glad it’s not. I can’t wait for Hadley’s story in There’s Fire. Plus, there’s bound to be more Ry and Piper and I can’t be mad about that. 🙂 Each of these characters made Where There’s Smoke special in their own way. Things were far from easy in this book and I expect the sequel will be no different. Either way, I look forward to finding them between the pages again and seeing where life takes each of them next.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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