In Review: Sweet Ruin (University of Branton #3) by Nazarea Andrews

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In Review

Sweet Ruin (University of Branton #3)
Nazarea Andrews

Publication date: March 13, 2014
Kindle ARC, 252 pages
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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It’s good to be on top… Asher Knox has it all. Girls, wealth, a career most would kill for. He’s just landed the biggest job of his career. And he’s miserable. 

She’s fighting her way from the bottom… Megan Beauchamp has no illusions about why she was chosen to be Asher’s PA. She’s pretty, and down to earth, and everything the Hollywood star always falls for. Too bad Megan is just paying her dues and has no interest in anything but advancing at her PR firm. 

He’ll throw it all away…Luca James knows what he wants. And he’s waited a long time for the window to open—when it does, he’ll walk away from the career he’s built for a chance at something real.

When Megan’s boss threatens to fire her, Luca and Asher convince her to leave town with them. Between bad hotels and pit stop confessionals, the three are drawn closer together. And the lines blur even more in Branton, where Megan is forced to look at everything she left behind. But when the boys want more, Megan will be forced to choose between the men she loves and the life she thought she wanted. And in a town like Branton, the secrets she keeps won’t be hidden for long. 

Warning: for mature audiences. Two sexy men + one sassy heroine = hot sex.

Sweet Ruin

FINAL_4 stars

Whew! This book was HOT. Steaming hot. It pushed the boundaries and I really enjoyed it. I knew going in that this book featured a three-way romance (menage? triad? what do we call it?) and this was my first experience with such a thing. I’d always had pretty strong feelings about such a thing, thinking it couldn’t be more than erotica, but Nazarea showed that a relationship between three people can be about more than just sex.

What Megan, Asher and Luca have together is special. It goes beyond lust and attraction, yet both of these play a major part in their relationship. They’re each interesting characters in their own right, but together they’re something … more. It was interesting to watch as they fought the pull of the other characters and then even more so when they gave in and went with it. When they were on the road, it was one thing. It was easy to be with each other in the way they wanted. The story got more interesting as they returned to Megan’s hometown of Branton. While the adventures the other Branton University books have taken us on aren’t exactly tame, this was definitely more taboo, particularly in a small town like Branton.

I really hope the author gives us more of Megan, Asher and Luca’s story. The ending felt unfinished. There’s more to these characters and I want it. 🙂 I want to see how they continue to deal with their relationship long term. If it’s even something they can keep up in the real world. I love Nazarea’s writing and this book showcased it. Sweet Ruin was about the characters. There were no “gotcha” moments or unbelievable plot twists. It was told from the perspectives of the three characters and I felt that they each had a clear, unique voice.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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