In Review: Where You’ll Find Me by Erin Fletcher

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In Review: Where You’ll Find Me by Erin FletcherWhere You'll Find Me by Erin Fletcher
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Publication date: January 7, 2014
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Format: eARC, 211 pages
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When Hanley Helton discovers a boy living in her garage, she knows she should kick him out. But Nate is too charming to be dangerous. He just needs a place to get away, which Hanley understands. Her own escape methods (vodka, black hair dye, and pretending the past didn't happen) are more traditional, but who is she to judge?

Nate doesn't tell her why he's in her garage, and she doesn't tell him what she's running from. Soon, Hanley's trading her late-night escapades for all-night conversations and stolen kisses. But when Nate's recognized as the missing teen from the news, Hanley isn't sure which is worse: that she's harboring a fugitive, or that she's in love with one.

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In Review: My Thoughts

Is this story realistic? No. Not really. Did I care? Not at all. Half of the books I read aren’t realistic. The only difference here is this is a contemporary and not a science fiction or fantasy book. What it did have was two damaged characters I found likable and a plot that kept me guessing until the end. It hooked me from the start with the dialogue, the relationships and the element of mystery.

Hanley feels an immediate connection to the young man she finds hiding in her garage. Here’s where Hanley and I differ. I would have went screaming for help. I’m not that trusting. She, on the other hand, befriends him nearly immediately, begins to sneak out of the house (and into her garage) to spend time with him and ultimately falls in love. Sure, Nate didn’t seem like a threat. He seemed like a normal boy… who just happened to be living in someone else’s garage. He was obviously keeping a secret, and while I was chomping at the bit to find out what it was, I didn’t sense he was up to anything nefarious. He was sweet and charming and needed someone to rely on.

Both Hanley and Nate had lost someone close to them in a tragic way. While Nate knew her story, she didn’t find his out until much later on. Regardless, they were both there for each other and bonded in a very real (albeit a little insta-love-like) way. As Where You’ll Find Me is a young adult book, there were some sweet, clean scenes and just good old fashioned teenage romance. They shared chemistry and understanding. They worked well together.

I was surprised by the reveal of Nate’s big secret. I thought the book would be a little lighter, fluffier than what it was. But, it touched on a couple darker, more serious issues and it did it in a respectful, honest, thought-provoking way. I was pleased by the depth of the book in those moments. Where You’ll Find Me was fast-paced and engaging. It was a great debut novel and I’m excited to read more from Erin Fletcher in the future.

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