Top 10 of 2013: Best Couples of 2013

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When I decided to choose “couples” as my fill-in-the-blank for today’s theme, I thought it would be easy to pick 10. It’s not. Not even close. So, I’m cheating again and doing 10 YA and ten NA again. I love the stories in books (obviously), but the characters are most often my favorite part. So, difficult as it was, here are my top ten couples (YA and NA) of 2013… in no particular order, of course.

Young Adult


Tris and Four (*sob*)


Aria and Perry

Indigo Spell

Sydney and Adrian

Sea of Tranquility

Nastya and Josh

Lola and the Boy Next Door

Lola and Cricket

Ashtyn and Derek

Eleanor & Park
Eleanor & Park

Crash Into You
Rachel and Isaiah

Clockwork Princess
Tessa and Will

Sophie and Kai

New Adult


Layla and Trip

The Uni File Cover Art
Lilah and Ben

Falling Into Us
Becca and Jason

Tess and Dylan

One Tiny Lie
Livie and Ashton

Flat-Out Love

Julie and Matt


Tate and Jared


Sophie and Ian


Jesse and Jason

It was soooooo hard to narrow this down to ten in each category! There are so many amazing couples out there. I only barely scratched the surface.

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  1. I wanted to write a really thoughtful, long comment, but I’m just opening Goodreads to check out the books that I haven’t read, to be honest. Also bookmarked your post, because I’m SUCH a sucker for good couples. Loved Sydney and Adrian, as well as Rachel and Isaiah, by the way. (All the more reason to check out the rest of your books.. /manic laughter)