In Review: Charm and Consequence (Snark and Circumstance #2) by Stephanie Wardrop

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In Review: Charm and Consequence (Snark and Circumstance #2) by Stephanie WardropCharm and Consequence Series: Snark and Circumstance #2
Publication date: May 28, 2013
Format: eARC, 66 pages
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Sixteen-year-old Georgia Barrett is no expert on guys, but her bio-class partner is harder to dissect than anything in their lab tray. He’s smart, almost as sarcastic as she is, and cute in that preppie way. Things are great . . . until he decides her vegan activism is ridiculous and suddenly can’t refuse a date with her fast enough. So why does he show up at her door, interested in learning how to make tofu ricotta? And why does he seem so upset that a senior hottie has taken an interest in her? Could he be interested in Georgia after all?

In Review: My Thoughts

Charm and Consequence picks up right after the ending of Snark and Circumstance. Georgia has written an article about ethical reasons to go vegan and she’s experiencing quite a bit of harassing because of it. Michael is giving her a hard time, but it a teasing way. They’ve begun to overcome their initial issues and started to become friends. Until, that is, he blatantly turns down an invitation for a double-date with her and her sister and her sister’s boyfriend, his friends,  with no excuse. Georgia finds herself incredibly mortified and more than a little offended.

“I will probably die a misunderstood virgin like Ophelia in Hamlet, only I won’t do it by floating down a stream, singing my own mad song. They’ll just find me here, on my bed, on a weekend night, my dead body slumped over a homework assignment.”

As Georgia’s sisters continue dating the guys in their lives, she continues to feel more and more left out. Then she meets Jeremy Wrentham, Michael’s former prep school classmate, and things start to change. They have a bit of chemistry and she’s interested in seeing where it goes. Michael’s jealous, though he won’t admit it. Jeremy is just too suave. I never got a good feeling from him. Of course, that could be because I was solidly on the Georgia/Michael ship, too. 🙂 Georgia and Michael do have some cute moments in this novella. They’re obviously into each other. One of them just needs to step up.

“I finally sink into a troubled sleep knowing one thing: Michael Endicott is a mystery I need to solve.” 

The second novella in this series continues this storyline well. I am hooked on the characters and the story. Charm and Consequences ended rather abruptly, but it was ok by me. Of course, knowing I had an ARC of the third novella certainly helped. Fortunately for anyone interested in this series – or for those who have been following along already – the third novella, Pride and Prep School, releases tomorrow. 🙂

About Stephanie Wardrop

Stephanie Wardrop grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania where she started writing stories when she ran out of books to read. She’s always wanted to be a writer, except during the brief period of her childhood in which piracy seemed like the most enticing career option—and if she had known then that there actually were “girl” pirates way back when, things might have turned out very differently. She currently teaches writing and literature at Western New England University and lives in a town not unlike the setting of Snark and Circumstance with her husband, two kids, and five cats. With a book out—finally—she might be hitting the high seas any day now.


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