In Review: Snark and Circumstance (Snark and Circumstance #1) by Stephanie Wardrop

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In Review: Snark and Circumstance (Snark and Circumstance #1) by Stephanie WardropSnark and Circumstance Series: Snark and Circumstance #1
Publication date: February 5, 2013
Format: eARC, 45 pages
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One superior smirk from Michael Endicott convinces sixteen-year-old Georgia Barrett that the Devil wears Polo. His family may have founded the postcard-perfect New England town they live in, but Georgia’s not impressed. Even if he is smart, good looking, and can return Georgia’s barbs as deftly as he returns serves on his family’s tennis courts. After all, if Michael actually thinks she refuses to participate in lab dissections just to mess with his grade, he’s a little too sure that he’s the center of the universe. Could there be more to Michael Endicott than smirks and sarcasm? If Georgia can cut the snark long enough, she just might find out.

In Review: My Thoughts

“Maybe that’s why he comes across as Mr. Glacier sometimes. He’s hard to take at times, but he’s not a bad person, even if Michael and I do come from different solar systems. Whole other galaxies. But sometimes, galaxies collide. Hard.”

The review for this novella is going to be short and sweet – just like it was. I read this one and the next two novellas in the series in a matter of a couple hours, in preparation for an upcoming blog tour for the third book.

“As a vegan, I am committed to nonviolence, in all aspects of life. But I’d really like to kick Michael Endicott in the shins right now.”

At 45 pages, this is a very short novella. But, it was incredibly entertaining. I was sucked right into the story. Georgia was your typical teenage, vegan girl. She’s lab partners with Michael Endicott, who is rich, smart and good-looking. His family has a rich history in the town in which they live. He’s just recently returned to public school after being kicked out of the prep school he was attending. Everyone has their own take on why he was kicked out, but Georgia doesn’t care. She just wants to get through this class without dissecting anything that was once living. It’s a point of contention for them and it puts a strain on their partnership. Can they find a common ground and make this work? Only time will tell!

“Dealing with him is like chipping away at a brick wall with a plastic spoon. At the end of a day, you think you’ve made progress. But when you look at it later, the wall seems thicker than ever.”

While incredibly short, even by novella standards, I feel like this book did its job. I didn’t want to stop reading it. The characters were likable and I’m excited to get another dose of them – and hopefully some answers – in the next book. I was disappointed when I came to the end of this one – fortunately, I had the second novella, Charm and Consequence, all queued up and ready to go. You’ll want to do the same.

About Stephanie Wardrop

Stephanie Wardrop grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania where she started writing stories when she ran out of books to read. She’s always wanted to be a writer, except during the brief period of her childhood in which piracy seemed like the most enticing career option—and if she had known then that there actually were “girl” pirates way back when, things might have turned out very differently. She currently teaches writing and literature at Western New England University and lives in a town not unlike the setting of Snark and Circumstance with her husband, two kids, and five cats. With a book out—finally—she might be hitting the high seas any day now.


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